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2T351 - Set 1

Vehicle Maintenence

On an integralcombustion engine, as the piston begins the intake stroke, what is the position of the valves? intake- open exhaust- closed
how many revolutions of the crankshat are there in one complete cycle of a four stroke engine ? 2
the "i-head" engine contains both valve within the cylinder head
in the a engine with counterbalance shafts the shafts turn in opposite directions from each other
the main drawback of manufacturing pistons using aluminum metals results from ? its considerable expansion due to the heat
struts are sometimes used inside he piston skirt to keep some of the heat away from the piston skirt
what machined surfaced parts are inegrated in the cylinder head? valves guides and valve seats
your very first step in engine removal is to.. remove all jewelry and no loose clothing
what are the most common types of engine oil coolers ? radiator and engine-mounted
what safety precaution must be made on an engine hoist before you hook the hoist to an engne? verify the condition of the chains and/or cables
when using compressed air for cleaning parts of an engine , the pressure used in PSI should not exceed ? 30 PSI
as a safety precaution, while performing maintenence underneath a vehicle , you must make sure.. the vehicle is on the appropriate jack stands
it is important to check newly installed battery for polarity because reverso polarity will.. damage the alternator diodes
the purpose of the radiator cap is to.. prevent evaporation losses
the main components of a typical air-operated shuter sytem are the shutters,.. shutterstat , air cylinder, and air filter.
in a vacuum shutterstat system system, what is the operating meduim, or force that causes the vacuum cylinder to operate? atmospheric pressure
which statement best describes fluid coupling fan operation? fan speed increases as the underhood temperature decreases
during flexible fan operation , the blade pitch decreases as fan speed increases
the relief valve is usually located in the oil pump
what are basic funtions of motor oil ? absorb shock betwwen metals, clean engine, and cool the engine
what engine oil additives are uses to reduce sludge formation ? detergents and dispersants
there is a one degree interference angle between the valve seat and the valve face to permit fast ssealing of the valve when closing
sodium is used in the engine valves to help the valve cool
a "valve float" is when the valves remain open when they should be closed.
on some engines, the lifter bores are off center to cause rotation of the lifter
some pushrodsare hollow to allow them to act as a librication channel
the relieve fuel pressure on an EFI engine BEFORE DISCONNECTIING FUEL LINES you should bleed the fuel system
the main diffrence between the throttle body and the multi-point fuel injection system is the location of the injectors on the engine
onthw SEFI engine , the injectors are fired as the intake valve opens for the respective cylinder
the purpose of the air bypass valve mounted on the top of the multi-pont throttle body is to control idle speeed by controlling air flow
the fuel pressure regulator prevents vapors from forming in the fuel line by trapping fuel during shutdown
the term injector "pulse width" describes the amount of time the enjector solenoid is energized
which polluntant is colorless, odorless, and poisonous gas ? CO
the term "blowby" refers to the air/fuel mixture and exhaust gases forced past the piston rings
what type of PCV system is used on all modern vehicles ? closed
what catalyst in the catalytic converter converts HC and CO to CO2 and H20 ? Platinum
what will happen if the EGR valve is open during idle ? engine perfoemance suffers
what does an active sensor produce internally ? voltage
O2 sensors measure oxygen in the engine's.. exhaust system
what sensor measures the amount of intake air flowing into the engine ? Mass Airflow (MAF)
whih control module processes data from sensors and control units ? vehicle control modulea
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