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What is the EAM? external auditory meatus
The larynx is made up of three sections. What are they? Glottis, Supraglottis, Subglottis
How many cartilages make up the larynx? 9
What is the most common site of disease in the oropharynx? Tonsils
The jugulodigastric node may also be referred to as? Subdigastric node
What nodal group receives nearly all of the lymph from the head and neck area and is often included in treatment? Jugulodigastric nodes
What large muscle located on the sides of the neck, divides the neck into anterior and posterior triangles? Sternocleidomastoid
The hyoid bone is at what vertebral level? C4
True or False? The cricoid cartilage is located at the level of C6. True
What structure is found at the base of the tongue Vallecula
Mediastinal, supraclavicular, paratracheal, and subcarinal are all nodes associated with the lungs. True or False? True
The right lung has two lobes, and upper and lower. True or False? False. It has 3 lobes.
The esophagus is located anterior to the trachea. True or False? False. Posterior
The trachea is located anterior to the esophagus and spine. True or False? True
The junction of the transverse and descending colon takes place at the? Splenic flexure
The duodenum makes up the first portion of what intestine? Small
The pancreas is located _________ to the stomach and liver. Inferior
The liver is located to the ______ of the stomach. Right
What is the function of the gallbladder? Stores Bile
The head of the pancreas is located within the curve of the___________. duodenum
The ascending and transverse colon join at an area under the liver called what? Hepatic flexure
Lymphatic drainage of the breasts includes axillary, supraclavicular, and internal mammary nodes. True or False? True
The prostate is inferior to the bladder and anterior to the rectum. True or False? True
The oral cavity consist of the lips, floor of mouth, tongue, buccal mucosa, gums, retromolar trigone, and the _____ ________. Hard Palate
The true vocal cords are located in the glottis. True or False? True
The most common site for hypopharyngeal tumors is the _________ ________. Pyriform sinus
The terms frontal, parietal, temporal, and occipital all refer to what? Lobes of the brain
What important structure is housed in the sella tursica? Pituitary Gland
Rotter’s nodes and the Tail of Spence are terms associated with what anatomy? Breast
Waldeyer’s ring is a group of nodes located in the abdomen. True or False? False. In the head.
What part of the lungs contains blood vessels, bronchi, and lymphatics? The Hila
The carina is located at what vertebral level? T4-T5
The xiphoid process is located at what vertebral level? T10-T11
Where is the acromion located? Top of the shoulder
Buccal refers to what area of the body? Cheek area
What plane passes through the body dividing into anterior and posterior planes? Coronal
What does the term contralateral mean? Opposite sides
The term popliteal refers to what? back of the knee
What are the four basic groups of tissues? Nervous, muscular, epithelial, connective
What body position is accomplished when the patient is lying face up? Supine
What structures make up the bony thorax? Sternum, thoracic vertebrae, 12 ribs
The sternum is divided into what 3 sections? Manubrium, body, xiphoid
The jugular notch is located at C2-C3 and is also called the ____________ ______. Suprasternal notch
The sternal angle is located at the level of the carina. True or False? True
What ribs are considered false ribs and floating ribs? 11 and 12
How many vertebrae are there in the cervical spine? 7
How many vertebrae are there in the thoracic spine? 12
How many vertebrae are there in the lumbar spine? 5
Bone and cartilage are types of connective tissue. True or False? True
The liver, the pancreas, and the salivary glands are all glands of the digestive system. True or False? True
What are the 3 sublayers of the mucosa? Epithelium, lamina propria, muscularis mucosae
What body habitus is average and makes up about 50% of the population? Sthenic
The first cervical vertebra C1 is also called the atlas. True or False? True
C2 is known as the atlas. True or False? False. Axis
The spleen is located in the LUQ (left upper quadrant) of the body. True or False? True
What quadrant is the ascending colon located in? RLQ right lowerquadrant



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