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7th Grd. SAT-3

3rd Qtr. Thiers

Adroit very clever or skillful
Advocate person who works for or supports a cause, policy or group
Appease to make someone happy or less angry by giving or saying what is desired
Banal boring; ordinary; not interesting
blight a disease of plants caused by fungus; extreme adverse conditions
Capacious large capacity; roomy; able to hold alot
Conundrum confusing or difficult problem
Converge to move toward one point; come together and meet
Deference respectfully yielding to the will or opinion of another
Efficacy ability of produce desired result or effect
Elated very happy and excited
Ephemeral lasting a very short time;
Foment to promote or cause (stir up) the development of something: usually negative or undesired
Foresight the ability to predict what will or needs to happen in the future
Genial friendly and cheerful
Harbor n: a place on the coast where ships find shelter or safety v: to protect - give shelter; to keep a thought in your mind for a long time
Hardy able to live or endure difficult conditions; robust, sturdy
Incessant continuing without interruption, non-stopping; (usually something unpleasant)
Irascible easily angered; short temper
Irony using words to express something opposite of the literal (real) meaning
Latent describes something that exists but has not developed or is not active (such as a disease)
Malleable being shaped or formed by hammering or bending (metal); easily changed or influenced (mind)
Mitigate to make less severe; to moderate; make milder
Opportunist One who takes advantage of any opportunity to achieve an end, often with no regard for principles or consequences
Pecuniary relating to money
Prodigcal carelessly or recklessly spending money, time or resources
Quarantine isolation due to infection or contagious disease
Seditious causing people to rebel against authority/government
Tenacious very determined to do something; firm or strong
Vestige the smallest quantity or trace left by something
Wizened dry, shriveled and wrinkled by age
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