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AA Block 2

Controllers must separate a/c from the edge of the scope at TAG by how many miles 5 miles
What is the required lateral sep for non-participating a/c from the boundary of special use airspace being utilized by a/c 3 miles
True or False. To ensure safety of flight, the appropriate authorities shall notify the proper ATC unit prior to undertaking special maneuvers True
Unusual maneuvers require 39 _____ or 39 ABW/CC approval, forwarded through the chain of command OS/CC
True or False. IFR a/c inside FAF must reach MVA(2200 MSL) prior to turns out of the appch corridor. True
Separate dep's that are similar or slower a/c following a faster a/c will have a min of ____ minutes or ____ miles separation. 2, 5
Ref Doc 4444, what are the wake turbulence catagories of a/c Light, Medium, Heavy
T or F. Approve/Disapprove RPA bore sighting based on known traffic. If disapproved, direct the RPA to an alternate course of action until the bore sighting can be resumed True
IAW MQ-1B Boresight procedures, operations will be conducted VFR at or below what altitude 3200 MSL
IAW MQ-1B Boresight procedures, Tower will request release and the beacon code from RAPCON
T or F. IAW MQ-1B Boresight procedures, Tower will inform the a/c to proceed direct Falcon/Eagle climbing to 3000 MSL and contact departure True
IAW MQ-1B Boresight procedures, aircraft requesting the boresight procedures shall advise ____ when requesting engine start Ground Control
Control of an arriving a/c shall be transferred from appch control service to aerodrome control service when the a/c All of the above (in the vacinity of the aerodrome, is at the prescribed point or level,Has landed
T or F. In hte event of extended delays, a/c need not be advised of a delay as early as possible and be instructed or given the option to reduce speed en-route in order to absorb delay False
Name the System: A/C system based on secondary surveillance radar (SSR) transponder signals which operates independently of ground based equipment to advise the pilot of possible cinflicts from a/c equiped with SSR transponders Airborne Collision Avoidance System
In the event of complete failure of ground radio equipment, conduct the follwing: All the above (Inform all adjacent ATC units of the failure, apprise units or positions of the current traffic situation, request assistance, coordinate to hold a/c outside of the area of responsibility)
If no contact within 30 minutes to an a/c, endeavor to obtain a report in order to be in a position to apply the provisions relevant to the "____ Phase" Uncertainty
Minimum info when declaring an emergency All of the above (A/C ID, Nature, Intentions)
ELT authorized within the first ____ minutes of the hour and no more than 3 sweeps. 5
What phse follows the alert phase and the point of fuel exhaustion is reached or insufficient to reach safety Distress
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