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AIM Authoring Instructional Material
ARB Academic Review Board
BCA Business Case Analysis
CANTRAC Catalog of Navy Courses
CBT Computer Based Training
CCA Curriculum Control Authority
CCMM Course Curriculum Model Manager
CPM Content Planning Model
CTTL Course Training Task List
DONI Department of Navy Issuance
DOR Drop On Request
EAP Emergency Action Plan
ENTRS Enterprise Naval Training Reservation System
EO Enabling Objectives
FEA Front End Analysis
FCR Formal Course Review
GCAT Government Content Acceptance Testing
HPRR Human Performance Requirements Review
IDP Individual Development Plan
ILE Integrated Learning Environment
ILT Instructor Led Training
IMI Interactive Multi Media Instruction
IMM Instructional Media Material
JDTA Job Duty Task Analysis
JIT Journeyman Instructor Training
LCMS Learning Content Management System
LMS Learning Management System
LP Lesson Plan
MOE Measurement Of Effectiveness
MOP Measurement Of Performance
MTS Master Training Specialist
NRTC Non Resident Training Course
OCCSTDS Occupational Standards
ORM Operational Risk Management
PPP Personnel Performance Profile
PQS Personnel Qualification Standards
R3 Reuse, Repurpose, Reference
RRL Resource Requirement List
SCORM Sharable Content Object Reference Model
SOH Safety and Occupational Health
TCCD Training Course Control Document
TG Trainee Guide
TO Terminal Objective
TOS Training Objective Statement
TPC Training Path Chart
TPS Training Path System
TPP Training Project Plan
TTO Training Time Out
VI Visual Information
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