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Humanitarian Assignments

What manual contains HUMS information? Military Assignments and Authorized Absences; COMDTINST M1000.8 (series)
What is a HUMS? Special assignment to alleviate a hardship in which emergency leave cannot fully resolve (Humanitarian Assignment)
Are PCS entitlements granted for a HUMS? In some very limited and unusual cases funding maybe provided
What is the duration of a TDY HUMS? Normally no cost TDY orders are issued for a maximum of 6 months
If hardship continues after six months what orders will be issued? No-cost PCS orders for up to 2 years
Where are HUMS requests sent? Authority to approve? CG-PSC-EPM
If the MBR will not be available for unlimited reassignment on completing the HUMS what will be considered? EPM will initiate discharge by reason of hardship
Criteria for a HUMS #1 Hardship in which CG MBRs do not normally encounter
Criteria for a HUMS #2 Hardship has arisen or deteriorated since the MBR entered their current enlistment and caused beyond the MBRs control
Criteria for a HUMS #3 The problem affects the MBRs immediate family, which does not normally include in-laws
Criteria for a HUMS #4 No other relatives are capable of providing the necessary assistance
Criteria for a HUMS #5 The MBRs presence is essential to alleviate the hardship
Criteria for a HUMS #6 In addition to all criteria a service need must exist before PCS transfer (there should be vacant billet)
Criteria for a HUMS #7 NON-RATE; PSC HUMS are not normally given; EPM may authorize a TDY HUMS. Once resolved the NR must present clear documentation that the hardship has been completely resolved before EPM will permit them to attend “A” school
Urgent Hardship Cases Commanding Officers should authorize emergency leave for all urgent hardship cases
Restrictions on HUMS #1 Upon HUMS termination date the MBR must present clear documentation that the hardship has been resolved before EPM will permit reenlistment or extensions
Restrictions on HUMS #2 MBRs who desire to extend their enlistment will request from EPM 60 days prior to the completion of their current enlistment. Unless the situation has improved, EPM will only authorize an extension until the end of the HUMS
Prior to starting a HUMS the current command must have the MBR sign what? A 3307 documenting that only EPM may approve the MBRs extension on AD while serving under a HUMS
Multiple HUMS Multiple HUMS are authorized for subsequent, unrelated hardships but will not be granted for the same hardship (only one per hardship)
Upon completion of a PCS HUMS what must be done? A 3307 documenting counseling for worldwide assignment
Upon completion of a TDY HUMS what must be done? Because TDY HUMS are short it is not necessary to request termination, however; the MBRs permanent command should report completion to PSC via CGMS
Created by: ashleycoker
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