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Child Psychopath

Child Psychopathology

Widespread delays in Development, and their Social Behaviors normal for developmental age ? * Intellectual Disability (mental retardation)..... * IQ <70
Moderate IQ ? * 50-55 to approx. 70.... * most common, and Typically will attain reading and math skills up to the 5th grade level by 18 years of age.... * live independently and have ppl check in on them.... Even have kids
Mild IQ ? * 35-40 to 50-55.... * Attain speech in early childhood---2nd grade educational level---live in a supervised settimg
Severe IQ ? * 20-25 to 35-40.... *During early childhood, little or no communicative speech.... *Get training in ADL.... * perform simple tasks that are supervised and live in supervised setting.... * recognition of survival words/numbers
Profound IQ ? * below 20-25
Intellectual Disability basics ? * Dx before 18..*As severity increases incidence decreases -----As severity increases age of diagnosis decreases -----As severity increases, comorbidity increases (especially sensory and motor impairments) ----As severity increases, mortality increases
If a Intellectual Disability is suspected ? *get a genetic workup
Some things that can cause Intellectual Disabilities ? * heriditary disorders--- gene mutations --- pregnancy issues (preterm birth/preg nutrition) --- Environmental issues (social deprivation )
Specific Learning Disorder ? * have to Dx under 17 y/o, happening for 6 months or more, and have issues in math, reading, or writing, etc.
Learning Disorder basics ? * IQ is ok, but school subjects are suffering... have low self esteem and need to know that they are not stupid
Motor Disorders ? * Coordination Disorder, Stereotypic Movement Disorder, Tic Disorders
Communication Disorders ? * Speech Sound Disorder - can't say certain letters... * Child-Onset Fluency Disorder (Stuttering)
Autism Spectrum Disorder ? * deficits in interaction or communication --- repetitive movements --- behavior is not normal for their age
Autism treatments ? * supplements, teachers, speech therapy
Autism Spectrum Disorder overlap and current Dx numbers ? * overlaps with learning disability ..... * newest study says 1 in 150 now Dx
ADHD Dx? * can have inattention , hyperactivity, or impulsitivity....* Dx before age 7, and can have the types individually or mixed
Oppositional Defiant Disorder ? *A pattern of angry/irritable mood, argumentative/defiant behavior, or vindictiveness, for at least 6 months ... * kid always arguing/causing issues
Conduct Disorder ? * usu after oppositional (juvenile delinquent)... rob, steal, lie, etc etc
Elimination Disorder ? * Enuresis (urine) after 5 and Encopresis (stool) after 4
Separation Anxiety ? * Developmentally inappropriate and excessive fear of separation from attachment figure ..... *At least 4 weeks, causes impairment in functioning, not better explained by other issues
Selective Mutism ? * can speak, but refuses to speak in certain social situations
Created by: thamrick800