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Broad Abilities

Fluid Reasoning Gf Mental operations when faced with a new task that is not performed automatically
Academic skills related to Fluid Reasoning Gf Math (Gf is very influential here), Reading Comprehension (particularly in the upper grades with inferential reasoning), Quantitative Reasoning
Crystallized Knowledge Gc Breadth and depth of acquired knowledge of a culture and effective application of this knowledge,store of verbal and conceptual knowledge
Academic skills related to Crystallized Knowledge Gc Reading, Written Expression, Mathematics (all academic skills); Language Development and Lexical Knowledge (narrow abilities) involved here
Quantitative Knowledge Gq Store of acquired quantitative knowledge; Ability to use quantitative information and manipulate numeric symbols; this is NOT the narrow ability of quantitative reasoning which is a narrow ability under Gf
Academic skills related to Quantitative Knowledge Gq Math Calculation
Reading/Writing Ability Grw Acquired store of knowledge which includes reading & writing skills; Required for comprehension of written language & expression of thoughts in writing; Reading and writing are not distinct abilities but are part of “literacy”
Short-Term Memory Gsm Ability to apprehend and hold information in immediate awareness and use it in a few seconds; Limited capacity; Includes memory span & working memory
Academic skills related to Short-Term Memory Gsm Reading, Written Expression, Mathematics (all academic skills) are related to Working Memory
Visual Processing Gv Ability to generate, perceive, analyze, synthesize, store, retrieve, manipulate, transform and think using visual stimuli
Academic skills related to Visual Processing Gv Related to higher level math achievement Orthograpic Processing related to early reading acquisition
Auditory Processing Ga Cognitive abilities dependent on sound input and hearing; Ability to perceive, analyze, synthesize, patterns among auditory stimuli and discriminate subtle nuances; Includes phonological processing, sound discrimination, rhythm, & pitch discrimination
Academic skills related to Auditory Processing Ga Beginning reading, written expression
Long-Term Storage and Retrieval Glr Ability to store information and retrieve new or previously acquired information; Requires intervening task, not necessarily a long time
Academic skills related to Long-Term Storage and Retrieval Glr Reading (particularly narrow ability of Naming Facility), Writing (particularly narrow ability of Naming Facility and Associative Memory)
Processing Speed Gs Mental quickness; Ability to fluently and automatically perform cognitive tasks, especially under pressure when attention and concentration is needed
Academic skills related to Processing Speed Gs Reading, Math, Written Expression (particularly Perceptual Speed is influential in all academic areas)
Decision Speed/Reaction Time Gt Quickness in reacting and making appropriate decisions; Includes simple reaction time, choice reaction time, and reaction time in comparing stimuli; Not measured on most contemporary tests of cognitive ability
Academic skills related to Decision Speed/Reaction Time Gt Not related to academic achievement
Gps: Psychomotor Speed The speed and fluidity with which body movements can be made
Domain Specific Knowledge Gkn The depth, breadth, and mastery of specialized knowledge; Knowledge not all members of society are expected to have
Olfactory Abilities: Go The ability to detect and process meaningful information by odors
Tactile Abilities: Gh The abilities to detect and process meaningful information in haptic (touch) sensations
Kinesthetic Abilities: Gk The abilities to detect and process meaningful information in proprioceptive sensations
Psychomotor Abilities: Gp The abilities to perform physical body motor movements with precision and coordination; Involves movements of the fingers, hands, feet, legs
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