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All suffixes

-ance quality or act of
-cide killer
-ectasis dilation, expansion of
-form structure or shape
-gen production of
-ician, -ist one charged with or skilled in
-ion act of, state of, result of
-meter measure
-ology study of
-or that which
-phylaxis protection
-poiesis production
-sthenia strength
-ure act or result of an action
-ule small
-culus small
-ole tiny
-ase enzyme
-ate salt made from an acid
-in, -ine halogen, alkaloid, or nitrogen base
-ol oil
-ose carbohydrate
-ism condition, act, process
-ity quality, state of
-less without, not capable
-osis action, state, process, condition
-philia love of
-stasis at a standstill, lack of flow
-tonia stretching, putting under tension
-centesis puncture of a cavity
-cis cut
-clastic breaking
-clasis breaking down
-desis binding, fusion
-ectomy excision, cutting out
-gram, -graphy act or method of recording
-lysis setting free, dissolution
-ostomy creation of a mouth or opening
-otomy cutting into
-pexy fixation
-plasty modeling or shaping
-rrhaphy closure of by suturing, repair
-scope, -scopy looking at, examining
-sect cut
-tome instrument for cutting
-tripsy rubbing, crushing
-algia pain
-atresia abnormal closure
-cele swelling, bulging, tumor
-cyst bladder like sacs
-dynia pain
-ema swelling distention
-ia, -iasis a diseased condition
-itis inflammation of
-malacia softing
-oma tumor
-pathy suffering, disease
-phobia fear of
-ptosis dropping, downward displacing
-rrhage, -rrhagia bursting forth
-rrhea flow, discharge
-rrhexis rupture
-staxis hemorrhage
-ac pertaining to
-acy pertaining to
-al pertaining to
-an pertaining to
-ar pertaining to
-ary pertaining to
-fugal moving away from
-ic pertaining to
-ile capacity for, having the qualities
-ious capable of, causing
-oid like
-ory pertaining to
-ose full of, qualities of
-ous pertaining to
-trophic growth, development
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