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YN SWE Questions

When a member is transferring to PATFORSWA, their SPO PDR’s should be shipped to ISC Portsmouth, VA using what method? DHL
When a member elects to have their SGLI set at $150,000, what will their monthly premium be? $11.50
What is the form a member would use to elect a beneficiary for their death gratuity PSC-2020D (Designation of Beneficiaries)
The form for a reservist to elect Tricare Reserve Select must stay in the SPO PDR how long? 3 Years
When a reservist is ordered to active duty for non-contingency operations for 30 days, what type of BAH do they receive? BAH-RC
When a member dies on active duty, how long does their spouse receive BAH? 180 days
When a member dies, how long does the spouse have to do a household goods move? 3 years
Who authorizes non Coast Guard courses to be allowed for Reserve retirement points? CGPC-RPM
How long does a member have to be an inpatient for them to request a hardship discharge? Does not qualify for hardship discharge
You notice that the student came straight from Recruit Training, so you inform your senior chief that the student must get a __________ discharge. Uncharacterized
The results of a General Courts-Martial have not returned yet, what can the member elect to do? Take voluntary appellate leave
A Coast Guard ID card issuing facility is allowed to issue ID cards to __________ All services
What does RAPIDS stand for? Real Time Automated Personnel Identification System
For all cutters that are deployed to PATFORSWA, the individual units must keep records of those personnel that acquired sea time and sea pay for how many years? 2 years
If someone is acting as OINC, how many days are they required to have SDAP for? 30 days
You notice that a billet has SDAP for OINC and also SDAP for Surfman. Which SDAP does the member get? The highest SDAP entitlement (OINC is higher than Surfman)
On cutters 210’ and larger, how long can a member request their payments to be stopped until a decision is made on their waiver and remission package? 60 days
SBP premium payments start on the __________ day after the retirement pay starts. 1st
SBP premium payments end when the member reaches the age of 70 or they make how many years of premium payments? 30
What kind of taxes come out of the SBP? Federal only
What tax is SBP exempt from? Estate tax
An insurable interest person can only have what percent of an SBP? 10%, plus an extra 5% for every 5 years the IIP is younger than the retiree.
What pay do you not include in FSSA? FSH
How many days must a member complete on active duty to receive the honorable discharge button? 30 days
An E-3 that has no money upon separating, how much discharge gratuity is authorized? $25.00
How early can a person put in a retirement request? 24 months
What is the minimum amount of years a person can reenlist in the reserves? 2 years
What is the household goods weight for an E-8 with dependents? 14,000 lbs.
A member, spouse and child travel PCS in one vehicle for 500 miles, how much MALT do they get? $100.00
In Direct-Access, when would you not report a NJP in the Disciplinary Action segment? Dismissed with warning
How many days do you have to get a person his overseas screening after his orders show on the airport panel? 10 days
How should the receiving command acknowledge the receipt of your overseas screening paperwork? Via email
A 3307 must be completed for any enlisted member that has over __________ years of active duty that will be transferring overseas to state that they will complete a full tour. a. 17 years
How early can you get your overseas physical completed before reporting overseas? 6 months
When someone is released from active duty, what form is their physical put on? a. DD FORM-2808
If a member’s lodging expenses are going to exceed 300% of the daily per diem rate, who needs to authorized it? a. COMDT or Director PDTATAC (Per Diem, Travel and Transportation Allowance Committee)
What is the complimentary closing when writing to a Governor? SINCERELY
What is the official site for finding actual mileage for PCS and TDY travel? DTOD
The Coast Guard can direct members with __________ months remaining on active duty to non-restricted duty a. 18 months
The Coast Guard can direct members with __________ months remaining on active duty to restricted duty. a. 13.5 months
How much can a person claim (insurance claim) for their Self Procured Move (DITY) if there was a loss of household goods or breakage of household goods? a. $40,000
How many pounds are allowed to be shipped for Professional Books, Papers and Equipment? a. 500 lbs.
How many days does a member get to finish their Self Procured Move (DITY) travel claim? a. 3 working days
A member is authorized a POC for TDY what's the reimbursement rate? a. $0.58
A member is authorized a gv to travel TDY, and it is more advantageous to the government, MBR uses POC? $ a. $0.20
How many days normally should a person need for TLA upon reporting OCONUS? a. 30 days
A member uses his government travel charge card on the 21st day of their TAD period, they must file interim travel claims how often? a. Every 15 days
How many days do you have to respond to a Congressional that has to do with Coast Guard issues? a. 10 days
How many days do you have to respond to a Congressional that has to do with a congressman? a. 5 days
What is put on top of a request for a tracer? a. The word TRACER and the date of the tracer
What should you always try to use for the Title/Subject of a memorandum? a. 10 words or less
A senior chief is writing a directive that will always be taken for action and is 21 pages long. What kind of directive are they writing? a. Instruction
Reading file copies are types of what documents? a. Temporary/ non record material
What percent must be corrected in order to issue a whole new directive? a. 50 percent
Where should the number of the directive go on each one of the pages? a. Upper outer margin
What style of document should be used if you would like them to be easily transferred to a website? a. Adobe PDF
Who is the only one authorized to release instructions in anything but MS Word type documents? a. CG-612
What manual do you get Faxing Guidance from when trying to fax classified documents? a. Telecommunications Manual, COMDTINST M2000.3C
What words do you put on top of a fax if you want to keep it? a. “Action Copy Do Not Destroy”
What is the abbreviation for an O-8? a. RADM
What is the 4th paragraph in a directive? a. Environmental Aspect and Impact Considerations
How many units make up a special mailing list? a. 25
For those personnel who are out of the service, who should their waivers go to first for approval? a. PSC
When a reservist who has 20 years of service does nothing, what do they become? a. RET-2
When the multiple for an SRB is going to be increased in an ALCOAST, how much time is required before they go into effect? a. 30 days
Under what article of the UCMJ do you counsel members on before their re-enlistment? a. Article 137
How many days do you have to appeal a Not recommended for re-enlistment on your Career Intentions after doing 4 years? a. 15 days
What percent of advances can a member get for a SPM (DITY) move? a. 75%
How long can someone, with TO approval, have goods in temporary HHG storage? Ret. 12 months Sep 6 months/ 180 days
How long is an FSA worksheet good for? a. 1 year
A member is married to member, but they are separated, not divorced and live separately, They are both transferring at the same time to separate households not in government quarters. What entitlement do they have to DLA? a. Both at the w/out DEPN rate
What is the SSIC for Housing Facilities? a. 11000
What is the SSIC for CG Missions? a. 16000
What SBP election is a reservist with 20 years of service automatically enrolled in if no election is made? RCSBP OPTION C
BMC Crusty reported to MSO Juneau after completing 22 years of active service. How much time must he serve before at the new duty station before he can retire? 6 months
What is a suspense copy? Temporary file, NonTemporary file, Permanent file or NonPermanent file non record copy
What is a reading copy? Temporary file, NonTemporary file, Permanent file or NonPermanent file non recorded copy
What is the maximum tuition assistance payment?
Upon receipt of the OCONUS entry request message, what is the minimum time the receiving OCONUS command has to send the entry approval message to the departing command?
Who determines what non Coast Guard courses will earn college credit?
What is the form number for claiming the death gratuity benefit? DD Form 397
What is the age requirement for academy cadets? 17-22
What is the age requirement for the PPEP program? 21-33
How many years of service must you have completed to submit a CWO package?
SN Knot is separating without completing 90% of his initial enlistment. The official mileage to his home of record is 80 miles. Bus far is $50. What is his advance travel entitlement?
What is the maximum percent of retired pay that can be taxed by SBP.
Drilling unit reservists, required to perform annually authorized IDT drills and not less than 12 ADT days per fiscal year. SELRES TRAPAY CAT A
Drilling enlisted reservists awaiting second part of split Initial Active Duty for Training (IADT), required to perform an average of 4 drills per month during inter-phase period Second phase of IADT satisfies annual training requirement for fiscal year. SELRES TRAPAY CAT B
Prior-service enlisted members awaiting an indoctrination program (e.g., Direct Entry Petty Officer Training (DEPOT), Class “A” school) who are authorized by Commander (CG PSC-RPM) to perform IDT or RMPs. SELRES TRAPAY CAT C
Coast Guard Reserve flag officers, Selective Service System, or Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officers (EPLOs). Annually authorized IDT drills vary from 0-48; and minimum 12 days per fiscal year required to satisfy annual training requirement. SELRES TRAPAY CAT D
Enlisted reservists currently on IADT (includes the second part of split IADT). SELRES TRAPAY CAT F
Reservists currently mobilized, but expected to return to previous status upon demobilization. SELRES TRAPAY CAT M
Reservists without access to drilling units who have some period of their military service obligation or other contractual obligation remaining; not required to drill, but may be required to perform ADT-AT, up to 30 days per fiscal year. IRR TRAPAY CAT E
Reservists with no requirement to drill who may voluntarily participate in training without pay. IRR TRAPAY CAT H
SRDC candidates prior to graduation from ROCI who were not enlisted Coast Guard reservists prior to selection. IRR TRAPAY CAT J
Enlisted reservists awaiting IADT who are not authorized to perform IDT (includes all non-prior service members and most prior-service). IRR TRAPAY CAT P
Designated key employees in the ASL, Standby Reserve. STAND BY RES TRAPAY CAT G
All others in the ASL, Standby Reserve. STAND BY RES TRAPAY CAT N
Created by: DaynaClark926
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