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Urinary System

Medical Terminology

calioplasty surgical repair of the calix
cystitis inflammation of the bladder
glomerulitis inflammation of the glomerulus
meatotomy surgical enlargement of the meatus
pyeloplasty surgical repair of the renal pelvis
renomegaly enlargement of the kidney
proteinuria abnormal presence of protein in the urine
ureterostenosis narrowing of the ureter
anuria lack of urine
vesicoabdominal relating to the urinary bladder and the abdominal wall
cystoscope instrument for viewing the bladder
cystoscopy viewing of the bladder
renogram recording of the kidney
cystocele hernia of the bladder
cystolith bladder stone
dysuria painful urination
glomerulonephritis inflammation of the glomeruli of the kidneys
hematuria blood in the urine
hydronephrosis condition of water in the kidneys
ketonuria urinary excretion of ketones
nephritis inflammation of the kidneys
nephroma renal tumor
nephrosis condition caused by loss of protein in the urine
nocturia frequent nighttime urination
oliguria scanty urine
polyuria excessive urine
pyelitis inflammation of the renal pelvis
pyuria pus in the urine
uremia urine in the blood
cystectomy surgical removal of the bladder
cystopexy surgical fixing of the bladder
cystoplasty surgical repair of the bladder
cystorrhaphy suturing of the bladder
lithotomy surgical removal of stones
nephrectomy removal of the kidney
nephrolithotomy surgical removal of a kidney stone
nephrolysis removal of kidney adhesions
nephropexy surgical fixing of the kidney
nephrorrhaphy suturing of the kidney
pyeloplasty repair of the renal pelvis
pyelotomy incision into the renal pelvis
ureterectomy removal of the ureter
ureteroplasty surgical repair of the ureter
ureterorrhaphy suturing of the ureter
urethropexy surgical fixing of the urethra
urethroplasty surgical repair of the urethra
urethrorrhaphy suturing of the urethra
urethrostomy opening in the urethra
urethrotomy surgical incision into the urethra
urology study of the urinary system