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Stufflet Unit 12 Eur

Unit 12 Euro

Louis Napoleon Elected President of second French republic after abdication of Louis Philippe; took title of Napoleon III
Second French Empire term to describe France from 1851 to 1870 under Napoleon III
Baron Georges Haussmann re-built many sections of Paris under Napoleon III
Suez Canal completed with French capital ($) in 1869; connected Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea
Paris Commune A socialist govt that took control of Paris in the aftermath of defeat in the Franco-Prussian War (1870)
Third French Republic term to describe France from 1870 to 1940
Dreyfus Affair controversy in which a Jewish French army officer was falsely accused of selling military secrets to the Germans
Emile Zola French realist writer who wrote J'Accuse, helping to exonerate Alfred Dreyfus
Crimean War war caused by a religious dispute between Catholics and Orthodox Christians over Holy Land; exposed Russia's military and economic backwardness
Sick Man of Europe term for crumbling Ottoman Empire
Alexander II Russian tsar who emancipated Russia's serfs
Sergei Witte Russian Finance Minister that oversaw Russian economic development in 1890s; railroads and tariffs
Russification Alexander III's attempt to repress local customs and languages
pogroms organized attacks on Jewish settlements
Pale of Settlement the only area of the Russian Empire in which Jews were permitted to live
Russo-Japanese War of 1905 war which resulted in Russian defeat; catalyst for Russian modernization
Giuseppe Mazzini leader of Young Italy nationalist movement
Giuseppe Garibaldi leader of radical Red Shirts; he was heir to Mazzini's radical nationalist movement; gave in to liberals from north
Syllabus of Errors papal bull that said pope and Church were infallible
Count Camillo di Cavour liberal prime minister of Piedmont-Sardinia; led Italian unification
Pope Pius IX issued Syllabus of Errors; doctrine of papal infallibility
Victor Emmanuel 1st king of Italy
Zollverein Prussian customs union that helped to unify German states economically
Otto von Bismarck Prussian Chancellor that led German unification
Franco-Prussian War of 1870 war that resulted in unification of Germany at Versailles
Kulturkampf Bismarck's attempt to subdue and take power from the Catholic Church
Home Rule the idea that Ireland would be given its independence from Great Britain
Ulster northern, Protestant counties of Ireland; became Northern Ireland
Dual Monarchy term for Austria-Hungary
anti-semitism hatred of Jews
Karl Lueger anti-semitic mayor of Vienna; used anti-semitism to get elected
Zionism movement to form a Jewish homeland
Theodor Herzl Austrian Jewish journalist who started Zionist movement
Eduard Bernstein founder of "revisionism" which turned into democratic socialism
Communist International purpose was to coordinate communist movements and spread communism around the globe
Created by: stufflsb