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F internal genitalia

Sem 1 Female internal genitalia

Which arteries supply the vagina? Uterine artery supplies the superior portion, The vaginal artery and the internal pudendal artery supply the middle and inferior portions.
What is the venous drainage of the vagina? The uterovaginal plexus drains into the internal iliac veins
What forms the uterovesical pouch? The deflection of the peritoneum from the bladder to the body of the uterus
What is the pouch of Douglas? The rectouterine pouch; a space between the uterus and rectum
Does the uterovesical pouch or the pouch of Douglas lie most anteriorly? The uterovesical pouch
What are the prominent folds of skin that form the outer margin of the vulva laterally? Labia majora
Which parts of the external genitalia are covered by pubic hair? The mons pubis and the outer margin of the labia majora
What are the external genitalia collectively known as? The vulva or pudendum
What are vaginal rugae? Transverse frictional ridges at the end of the vagina which stimulate the penis and help to induce ejaculation
What are the three main parts of the uterus? Fundus, body, cervix
What is the function of the mesosalpinx? Attaches the uterine tube to the broad ligament
How many structures are the ovaries supported by and what are they? 3; mesovarium, ovarian (round) ligament and the suspensory ligament
What is the name of the capsule of the ovaries? Tunica albuginea
Where can you find stratified squamous epithelial cells in the body? Mouth, vagina, anus
Mucosa folds inwards at the vaginal orifice to form what membrane? The hymen
Where do the lesser vestibular glands discharge their secretions? Onto the exposed surfaces of the vestibule, between the vaginal and urethral orifices
Describe the lymphatic drainage of the vagina Upper third: external iliac lymph nodes Middle third: internal iliac lymph nodes Lower third: superficial inguinal and perirectal lymph nodes
Where do the vagina and urethra open into? The vestibule
What is the erectile tissue anterior to the urethral opening? The clitoris
Which lies most anteriorly; urethra or vagina? Urethra
Which part of the external genitalia enclose the vestibule? Labia minora
Which structure covers the Symphasis Pubis? Mons Pubis
What is the pudendal cleft? A furrow at the base of the Mons Pubis (AKA Cleft of Venus or Camel toe)
What are the greater vestibular glands also called? Bartholin's glands
What are the male equivalents of the greater vestibular glands? The bulbourethral glands
What is the function of the Greater vestibular glands? They secrete fluid into the vestibule to keep it moist and lubricated during intercourse
What is the function of the vestibular bulbs? They are erectile tissues that become congested with blood during sexual excitation. This causes the vagina to tighten around the penis, enhancing stimulation. They are located deep to the labia majora.
What is the innervation of the ovaries? Ovaries are innervated automatically by the aortic plexus, and by visceral afferents which enters the spinal cord segments at T10-T12
From where does the female reproductive system develop during gestation, and what causes its development? From the paramesonephric duct. Due to the absence of testosterone and Mullerian inhibiting factor
Where are the ovaries situated? In the ovarian fossa, near the lateral wall of the pelvic cavity, within the peritoneal cavity
What type of cells make up the visceral peritoneum? (germinal epithelium) Columnar epithelial cells
What are the three cervical ligaments, and what are their attachments? 1) Transverse cervical (cardinal) ligaments - from the base of the uterus to the lateral wall of the pelvis 2) Pubocervial - from the cervix to the pubis symphasis 3) Uterosacral - from lateral surface of the uterus to anterior surface of the sacrum
Where does the broad ligament attach to? Attached to the uterus and uterine tubes, then to the lateral pelvic wall
What parts is the broad ligament made up of? Mesosalpinx and mesovarium
How doe oestrogens cause the vaginal epithelium to change? During childhood the vaginal epithelium is cuboidal in shape. Oestrogens of puberty transform it into stratified squamous epithelium
What are the attachments of the ovarian ligament? Extends from the medial pole of the ovary to the uterus, near the attachment of the uterine tubes
What are the attachments of the mesovarium? Anchors the anterior margin of the ovary and is attached to the ovary at the ovarian hilum
What are the three layers of the vaginal walls? Adventitia, muscularis, mucosa
Which structures support the uterus? Pelvic floor, broad ligament, round ligament and cervical ligaments
The ovarian artery is a branch of which blood vessel? The abdominal aorta
What are the layers of the uterine walls? Perimetrium, myometrium, and endometrium
Which layer of the uterine walls contracts during childbirth? Myometrium
Which layer of the uterine wall is shed every month? Endometrium
What is the role of the round ligaments of the uterus? Keep the uterus anteverted and anteflexed
Where do the round ligaments attach, and what do they travel through? Attaches to the anterior surface of the uterus, through the inguinal canals, to the labia majora
What are the functions of the vagina? 1)Passageway for the elimination of menstrual fluids 2) Forms the inferior portion of the birth canal 3) Receives the penis during intercourse and holds spermatoza prior to their passage into the uterus
What are the superior and posterior borders of the ovarian fossa? Superior: External iliac muscles Posterior: Internal iliac muscles
Where does the right ovarian vein drain into? Inferior vena cava
Where does the left ovarian vein drain into? Left renal vein
How does the shape of the external os differ in multiparous and nulliparous women? N: rounder in shape M: more 'H' shaped
What separates the vagina from the distal end of the cervical canal? External os
What separates the body of the uterus from the cervical canal? Internal os
What is the venous drainage of the ovaries? Ovarian veins
Which two arteries supply the ovaries? Ovarian and uterine arteries
Where do the uterine tubes extend from and to? From the uterine cavity into the peritoneal cavity
The uterine artery is a branch of which blood vessel? Internal iliac artery
What is the innervation of the vagina? Autonomic: Hypogastric plexus, pudendal nerve (paras S2-S4) Visceral afferents: S2-S$ Somatic afferents: Pudendal nerve S2-S4
Name the three parts of the uterine tubes Infundibulum, ampulla, isthmus
Which parts of the uterine tubes lie either side of the main three? Fimbrae lie before the infundibulum. The intramural part lies after the isthmus, piercing the walls of the uterus
Describe the blood supply of the uterus Internal iliac artery -> Uterine artery -> arcuate arteries -> spiral arteries
What is the function of the broad ligament? The neurovascular supply to the ovaries, uterine tubes, and uterus pass through the folds of the peritoneum
What types of cells compose the epithelium lining of the uterine tubes? Ciliated columnar epithelial cells, peg cells and scattered mucin-secreting cells
Where in the oviducts does fertilisation usually take place? In the ampulla
What are the attachments of the suspensory ligament and what does it contain? Extends from the lateral surface of the ovary to the pelvic wall. Contains the ovaries' neurovascular supply
Describe the innervation of the uterus Hypogastric plexus (sympathetic) S3-S4 (parasympathetic) and visceral afferents T11-T12
What is the arterial supply, venous drainage, and lymphatic drainage of the uterus? A: uterine arteries V: uterine veins L: external iliac lymph nodes
What is the lymphatic drainage of the ovaries? Ovarian lymphatic vessels drain via para-aortic lymph nodes into the lumbar trunks
What is the arterial supply, venous drainage, and lymphatic drainage of the fallopian tubes? A: Ovarian and uterine arteries V: Ovarian veins L: iliac and lateral aortic lymph nodes
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