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Lesson 1

cleansers remove wastes & pollutants from tissues and organs, minimally affecting actual processes of the body drain excess pathogenic influences with laxatives, purgatives, diuretics, sweating (diaphoretic) to dispel pathogen at surface, dispersing herbs to remove stagnation (coumarin, oleoresins)
heroics(forcing remedies) blast through energy blocks & dramatically move or inhibit energy in the bioenergetic channels used when there are seriouly imbalanced energies, thin line between toxic & therapeutic dose, taken for a very short time
specifics perform a particular job for a limited time; fine-tune biochemical processes, move or regulate energy in bioenergetic channels to remove stagnancy & redistribute energy in excess conditions moderately active stimulants, must be given in lesser amounts, 10 days on, 3 days off - up to 3 cycles, add tonic if longer treatment is needed
tonics nourish & support body processes and systems; well-tolerated,do not force body to change; normalizing effect on body systems alteratives or roborants (TEM), superior herbs (TCM), taken for at least 3 months, preferably 6 months to a year, large margin of safety
stimulant tonics gentle, slow stimulants that invigorate and strengthen the body & its processes stimulate functions of body in low doses, invigorate & increase efficiency of an organ, system or function
nutritive tonics provide nutrients the body can utilize for its functions or in the repair process sweet herbs or foods used to nourish a body tissue, organ, system or function
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