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Ocular Diseases #3

Questions and IMAGES in TARGET GAME Ocular Surf Disorders/Corneal Dysts/Red Eye

What do dry eye symptoms include? Tearing, Heavy puffy lids, tired eyes, and Worse in windy conditions
What do goblet cells produce? Mucin
What do meibomian glands produce? Lipid
What occurs with Vitamin A deficiency? Bitot spots, Nyctalopia may occur
What six systemic disorders may have dry eye as symptoms? Graves' Disease / Rheumetoid Arthritis (also Juvenile R.A. and Reactive Arthritis-can't see, can't pee, can't bend knee)/ Sjogren's, Rosacea, AIDS, Sarcoidosis
What is the approximate normal endothelial count in young adults? 3000/4000 cells mm2
The normal basic Schirmer should be at least _________. 15mm of the strip should be wet after 5 minutes
What seven common medications make dry eye worse? Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), Birth control pills and oral contraceptives, Diuretics (Diamox, Lasix), Retinoid type (Accutane for acne), Antihistamines (Allegra), Decongestants (Allegra-D), HBP meds
What is the first line of treatment for dry eye? Artificial tears
What topical medication is used in advanced dry eye Rx? Cyclosporine (Restasis)
Name the nutritional supplement very useful in Rx dry eyes. Omega 3-6
What are the three signs of Vitamin A deficiency? Nyctalopia, Dry eye, Bitot spots
Name six systemic disorders which may cause dry eyes. Rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, Grave's disorder, Rosacea, Sjogrens, Bell's palsy, Sarcoid
What is deposited in the cornea in band keratopathy? Calcium
Define corneal ectasia. Thinning of cornea
What are two devices used to measure corneal thickness. Pachymeter and OCT
The _________ gland produces an oily layer of tears. Meibomian
Name a preservative which may frequently cause epithelial keratitis. BAK
What is Scleritis usually treated with topically? Stronger topical steroids - Pred Acetate, Durezol
What are Herpes Dendritic Ulcers treated with? Anti-Viral- Zirgan
What is Stromal Herpes treated wtih? Anti Viral - Zirgan and Topical Steroids - Durezol
Blepharitis is common with _____________. Rosacea
What is true of EKC infection? Adenovirus, Tender pre-auricular nodes, contagious in keratitits phase, Sub epithelial infiltrates diagnotic
Created by: Leequa