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Integumentary System


cellulitis inflammation of solid tissue, usually occuring in the loose tissues beneath the skin
impetigo a contagious skin infection characterized by superficial pustules that rupture and form thick yellow crusts. caused by a variety of streptococcus or staphyococcus
furuncle a boil. a painful elevated area of skin with a centrally infected core, usually caused by staphylococci which enter through hair follicles.
furuncular pertaining to, or affected by a boil
furunculosis condition characterized by the presence of multiple boils
carbuncle a deep-seated pyogenic infection composed of a cluster of boils, with numerous drainage sinuses. extends into the subcutaneous tissue
abscess a localized collection of pus in a cavity formed by the necrosis or breakdown of tissue. Resulting in swelling, fever, and pain. usually incised and drained. A boil is one form of an abscess
abscessed pertaining to or affected by an abscess
incision and drainage a surgical lancing or cutting into an infected lesion for purposed of draining the pus and promoting healing.
dermatomycosis a skin infection caused by a fungus
tinea ringworm; a fungous infection of hte skin (e.g. athlete's foot)
infestation invation of the body surface by animal parasites such as lice or ticks. or the interior of the body by worms
pediculosis infestation with lice. these infestations are named according to the body site affected (e.g. pediculosis capitis is an infestation by head lice)
verruca a wart; a turmor or growth of the epidermis caused by a virus. Warts tend to appear on the hands, face, and feet. A planter wart is located on the underside (planter side) of the foot.
herpes a spreading (creeping) skin eruption of vesicles. there are several forms of herpetic infections.
herpes simplex a cold sore or fever sore; a simple herpes imfection caused by a virus and characterized by the eruption of vesicle around the lips or nostrils
herpes zoster a more severe form of herpes or viral infection characterized by vesicular eruption on one side of the chest. may b e accompanied by severe neuralgia
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