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Integumentary System


abrasion scraping away of a portion of the skin or mucous membrance as a result of an injury
contusion a bruise; skin is not broken, but the underlying blood vessels are ruptured, causing extravasation
excoriation a scratch or scraping in the surface of the skin; an abration. Often due to scratching, as a result of pruritus
laceration an irregular tearing of the tissue, a wound having jagged, deeply cut boarders; the act of tearing. Usually caused by physical injury or violence.
lacerated torn; having jagged, deeply cut boarders
induration the state of being extremely hard
indurated hardening of soft tissue
callus abnormal hardening and thickening of skin (the epidermis)
corn hardening and thickening of the skin, in which a conical cone extends into the dermis, causing pain upon pressure.
keratosis any honry or indurated growth, such as a wart or callus
keratodermia hypertrophy of the outer layer of the epidermis, especially of the palms and soles
Created by: Wolkowski