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Lesson 1

common root and musculoskeletal

Adeno gland
calculi stone
cele tumor
cyto cell
glyco sweet,sugar
homeo,homo similar,same
lingua tongue
lip fat
lith stone
madaro falling hair
psych mind
pyo pus
radi rays
thermic heat
arthro joint
carpo wrist
chondro cartlidge
costa rib
cranio skull
dactyl fingers
ili hip
manus hand
myo muscle
ortho straighten
osteo bone
pedi foot
spondyl vertebra
Adenoma gland tumor
calculosis stones
hydrocele water cyst, tumor
cytology cells, study of
glycosuria sugar in the urine
homeostasis same enviroment
linguaform tongue shaped
lipoma fat tumor
lithotripsy stone dissolved
madarosis loss of eyelashes and eye brows
psychology study of the mind
pyogenic pus producing
radiology rays, study of
thermobiosis exist at high tempatures
arthritis joint inflammation
carpoptosis wrist dropping
chondromalacia cartlidge soft
intercostal between ribs
craniotomy skull incision
dactylitis finger inflammation
iliosacral ilium and sacral
manicure hand care
myoedema muscle swelling
orthopedic concerning deformaties
osteoplast bone surgery
pedicare foot care
spondylitis vertabra inflammation
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