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Cells Human Anatomy 232 Brown S14

What is the definition of a cell? basic unit of life
What do mitochondria do? powerhouse of the cell, makes ATP
What is ATP? energy currency of the cell
What do ribosomes do? makes protein
What does the nucleus do? stores DNA
What are Cillia and its function? hair like projections that work together to move materials and or fluids along the surface of the cell.
What is Cytosol? Its the viscous, clear fluid like substance of the cytoplasm.
What is an Adipocyte? Fat storage cell
What is a Chondrocyte? Cartilage cell
What is an Osteocyte and where is it found? Its a bone cell and its found in the lacuna
What does Cytosol contain? High water content and many have dissolved solutes such as nutrients, ions, lipids, proteins, carbs and other small molecules.
What is Cytology? The study of cells
What is the Plasma Membrane? Phospholipid bilayer containing cholesterol, proteins, and carbohydrates
What does the Plasma Membrane do? Encloses cell contents Regulates material going in and out
Cytosol, organelles, and inclusions make up? The Cytoplasm
What is the Smooth ER? Interconnected network of membrane tubules and vesicles.
What feature is unique to Smooth ER not Rough ER? lacks ribosomes
What is a nucleus? cell's control center
What does a lipid do? it forms the main structure of the plasma membrane
What determines the main function of a plasma membrane? Proteins
What are the 3 types of lipids in the plasma membrane? Phospholipids, cholesterol, and glycolipids
What are lipids? materials that are insoluble in water (fat and oils)
What is the function of Microvilli? increase membrane surface area; absorption and secretion
What are centrioles? Organize microtubules during cell division
What is the function of Microfilaments? maintain cell shape; separate dividing cells
Created by: Dr Jay Brown