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Chapter One

Inflammation of the heart is termed

Barry's medical report indicates that he has arthropathy, which is a(n) disease of a joint
Most medical terms are from which two languages? Greek & Latin
Heimlich Maneuver is a? Eponym
Suffix meaning pain is? algia
Which type of term is the word cataract? nondecodable
The plural of phalanx is phalanges
Arthr/o is an example of a combining form
In the term neonatology, the suffix is -logy
A word root for bone is oste/o
A patient has a surgical procedure described as an arthrotomy. The suffix-tomy means to incise, or make a joint
The combing forms drmat/o and derm/o both refer to skin
You are checking a report for errors and find one of the procedures listed is misspelled. Which one is it ostetomy
A patient having a gastrectomy is having part or all of his removed. stomach
Inflammation of the heart is termed cardotis
Patient X has a blockage in one of the arteries of the heart. She has a CABG to correct it. A CABD is an acronym
Which of the following disorders is an inflammation? enteritis
Which prefix means bad, painful, difficult, or abnormal? dys
Patients with food caught in their interdental spaces have pieces of food between their teeth
The rules for combining a word root and a suffix that starts with a vowel state that you should directly connect the word root and suffix
Which is spelled correctly gastroitis
A suffix that means a surgical puncture is centesis
What is the singular of thrombi? thrombus
Which term means the normal dynamic process of balance needed to maintain a healthy body? homeostasis
Which type of tissue acts as an internal and external covering of the body? epithelial
____is the organelle that serves a digestive function for the cells. lysosome
The motorcycle accident victim received severe bruises in the thoracic region of her body, or in other words, on and around her chest
Viscera is the healthcare term for organs
Combining form for fat is adip/o
____is the process of viewing dead tissue Necropsy
The type of tissue that does the actual work of the organ is called stromal
What is the term for the area where nerves and vessels enter and exit an organ? hilum
A patient has a bruise in the gluteal area of her body. The injury has occurred? on her buttocks
Hist/o is a combing form for tissue
the small space or cavity at the beginning of a canal is called a vestibule
The function of the digestive system is nutrition
The space within a tubelike structure is the lumen
The singular of viscera is viscus
A _____specializes in the structure of the body anatomist
Cephalic means pertaining to the head
A term that means pertaining to the chest is thoracic
The patient reported a lump in the left axillary region. You know that this means it is near her left _______. armpit
____is athe combining form for arm Brachi/o
The combining form for a finger or toe is digit/0
_____means pertaining to the knee Patellar
What is the name of the organ part that is deepest or is the farthest from its opening? fundus
A transplantation from another human is a _____transplant nonautologous
The word part arthr/o means joint
The plural of the word for bones of the fingers and toes is phalanges
The upper part of the sternum is the xiphoid process
The coracoid process is part of which bone clavicle
The lamina is part of the vertebral arch
One of the five bones of the hand is a metacarpal
The skull is part of the axial skeleton True
The clavicle, or collarbone, connects the sternum to each shoulder blade, or scapula True
The muscloskeletal system consists of all of the following, except pronunciations
The upper arm bone is the humerus
Chondr/o is a combing form for cartilage
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