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Dialysis M3

Exam 3

dialysis site aneurysm is caused by using the same site for cannulation over and over. ("one-site-itis")
advantage of AVG can be used in 2 weeks, larger cannula site
alway assess for signs and symptom of _______ before neddle stick infection
needle tips should be atleast _____ apart to prevent recirculation 2 inches
venous needing alwas points in the direction of the ________ flow
AVF sould be started with 17G for first week
use ___ to hold pressure two fingers
hold site for _______ before checking 7-10 minutes
treatment for infiltration do not remove the needle and use ice over the site for 15 minutes
rule of 6's 6mm
KDOQUI sets guidlines
patient and staff must wear? a mask
placement of needles atleast 2 inches apart
for AVF always use a TQ
HIT Heparin induced thromboacitepenia
most commonly used for anticoagulation Heparin
Heparin hmetabolized by ther liver and half life is variable and ranges from 30-120 minutes in different patients
APTT activated partial thromboplastin time
ACT activated clotting time
PT prothrombin time
LWCT Lee White clot time
blood becomes darker when clotting occurs
streaking in the _____ means clotting dialyzer
2 compartments of dialyzer blood and dialysate
what does a hi flux kidney do high permiable
riseback required 250-400 ml
______ the catheter with heparin Pack
clean the cathiter with providine iodine
type of dressings bandaids
remove the venus due to pressure buildup
whose recomendations do you use to clean the machines manufacture recomendations
rise back at 150-200 ml per min
how many timers do you have for treatment 2 timers
heparin in the most common __________? anticoagulant
if arterial pressure goes up venus pressure goes down
increase h and h give more heprin
AVF 20-35 degrees
AVG 45 degrees
complications staphaureus, epidermidis
label your catheter with __________ if it is packed with heparin do not flush
Created by: SGT WEAVER
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