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A&PI Muscular System

Study Guide Questions

What causes muscular dystrophy? A genetic disorder characterized b atrophy of skeletal muscle tissues.
What does abduction mean? Moving a part away from the midline of the body.
Does muscle tone help maintain posture? Yes.
Is a muscle injury usually a sprain? No.
Do tendons attach to muscle at both the origin and the insertion sites? Yes.
What is a ligament injury usually called? sprain
Is myasthenia gravis an autoimmune disease? Yes.
Can a muscle be a prime mover or an antagonist? Yes, but not both at the same time.
How does shivering help a person with hypothermia? moves muscles, causing the muscle fibers to produce heat.
What do dorsiflexion and plantar flexion refer to? Ankle movements
What is another name for a muscle cell? muscle fiber
Do tendons attach to bone? No
When you bend your elbow, where is the insertion? Radius
Is ATP produced by muscle contractions? yes
If a prime mover causes extension, would the antagonist cause flexion? no
Do bursae and tendon sheaths perform the same function? yes
Are both calcium and ATP needed for muscle contraction? yes
Who is more likely to have Duchennesd-a girl or a boy? boy
Do both smooth muscle and cardiac muscles have striations? no
What causes Duchennes? a missing gene in the X chromosome
Is myasthenia gravis carried on the X chromosome? no
Are skeletal muscles also referred to as striated and visceral muscles? no
Are twich contractions used in everyday movements? yes
Do skeletal and cardiac muscles both have striations? yes
Can a severe injury have an impact on the kidneys? If so, how? Yes, a severe injury can cause myoglobin to accumulate in the blood and cause kidney failure.