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Renaissance vocabula

for test on Thurs.

apothecary a pharmacist or druggist
apprentice in the Middle Ages and Renaissance someone who agreed to live with and work for some time and in return learn a trade or craft
basilica a Christian church in the shape of a cross
chateau A French castle
diplomat someone who represents a government in its relationship with other governments
fresco a type of painting made on plaster with color pigments dissolved in water
galley a large flat-bottomed ship which moves by sails and oars used for trade and war
infalliable certain
lagoon a shallow body of water (pond) separated from a larger body of water by a sandbar or reef
mason someone who builds or works with brick or stone
patron a wealthy person who supports and artist
persepctive a technique that allows artists to show objects at various distances, with distant objects smaller and closer objects larger
prior the person in charge of a monastery or priority
quarry to get stone from a pit by, cutting, digging, or blasting it
Renaissance man someone who is highly skilled and has many interests many interests in many or all of the arts and sciences
republic a system of government which voters elect officials to run the government and make laws
rhetoric the art of using words effectively in speaking or writing
Created by: Jasmynele