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COs/OICs may waive up to how many years of the required TIR for Sailors in paygrades E5 and E6 who received a promotion recommendation of EP on their most recent observed periodic evaluation in that paygrade? One year
How many award points is the Medal of Honor worth on the Navy wide advancement exam? 10
After successful administration of the advancement examination how long does the command have to foward the exams for grading? Close of business the day after administration of each examination.
Broad grouping of similar occupations used by manpower, personnel, and training managers to organize the analysis, management, and administration of Navy rating define what? Occupational fields
What identifies personnel by occupation? General ratings
What form is used for administrative remarks? NAVPERS 1070/613
How many award points is the Purple Heart worth on the Navy advancement exam? 3
What is the TIR required for advancement from E7 to E8? 36 months
What is the TIR required for advancement from E5 to E6? 36 months
What is the TIR required for advancement from E4 to E5? 12 months
Which instruction allows COMNAVCRUITCOM enlisted recruiter of the year to advance to the next pay grade? OPNAVINST 1700.11
When administering the advancement exam you must have a ratio of how many proctors to candidates? 1 to 25
Who is responsible for proper handling, accountability, and stowage of Navy examinations? Individual command
Which MILPERSMAN article does the Selective Training and Reenlistment Program fall under? MILPERSMAN 1160-100
How many years must a E6 have in to apply to the LDO program? 8 years
Approximately how many days prior to the advancement examination should the ESO review the worksheet for each candidate? 10 days
Which instruction does the Command Advancement Program fall under? BUPERINST 1430.16F
Which MILPERSMAN article does the Selective Conversion and Reenlistment (SCORE) Program fall under? MILPERSMAN 1160-090
How many award points is the Navy Cross worth on the Navy advancement exam? 5 points
Which MILPERSMAN article does the Accelerated Advancement Program fall under? MILPERSMAN 1430-010
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