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Literary Forms


metaphor O my love is a red, red rose
sonnet poem of 14 iambic pentameter lines
stream of consciousness Faulkner
transcendentalism Thoreau, Emerson
oxymoron expression that employs two opposing terms "benign neglect"
parable story told to illustrate a moral truth or lesson
parody humorous literary work that ridicules a serious work
potboiler literary work written soley to provide the author with money
roman a clef novel based on a real person or event
satire literary work that sues sarcasm
simile comparison between two things using like or as
onomatopoeia word whose sound is descriptive of its meaning
ode sustained lyric poem with a noble theme and intellectual tone
sestet a poetic stanza with six lines
octave poetic stanza with eight lines
naturalism realistic fiction developed in France, American and England
motif recurrence of a theme, word pattern, or character in a literary work
kitsch "trash" in German
irony te meaning stated is contrary to the one intended
hyperbole bold overstatement or exaggeration
sonnett 14 line poem with rhyme scheme
haiku poetry made up of 3 unrhymed lines containing 5, 7, and 5 syllables
existentialism school of thought based on belief that people have free will and are therefore completely responsible for their actions (Sartre, Camus)
epithalamion song or poem written to celebrate marriage
couplet two successive rhyming lines of poetry
canto major division of a long poem
free verse a verse form without regular meter
blank verse poetry in which each line must have 10 syllables and a specific rhythm (iambic pentameter)
bildungsroman a novel, that covers the principal subject's life from adolescence to maturity
assonance the close repetition of similar vowel sounds
alliteration the repeition of consonant sounds in two or more neighboring words or syllables
allegory ya narrative poem or prose work in which persons, events, and objects represent or stand for something else
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