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Medical Terminology

Med Terms for the PCC

Cardiology The branch of medical science concerned with the heart and its diseases
Dermatology The branch of medicine concerned with the skin and its diseases
Geriatrics the branch of medicine dealing with the diseases, debilities, and care of aged persons (usually pt's 65 & older)
Obstetrics (OB) the branch of medical science concerned with childbirth and caring for and treating women in or in connection with childbirth
Gynecology (Gyn) the branch of medical science that deals with the health maintenance and diseases of women, especially of the reproductive organs
Endocrinology the branch of biology dealing with the endocrine glands and their secretions, especially in relation to their processes or functions
Gastroenterology the study of the structure, functions, and diseases of digestive organs
Ophthalmology the branch of medical science dealing with the anatomy, functions, and diseases of the eye
Pediatrics the branch of medicine concerned with the development, care, and diseases of babies and children
Psychology the science of the mind or of mental states and processes
Psychiatry the practice or science of diagnosing and treating mental disorders
Pulmonology The branch of medicine that deals with diseases of the respiratory system
Urology The medical specialty concerned with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the urinary tract in females and of the genitourinary tract in males
Podiatry the care of the human foot, especially the diagnosis and treatment of foot disorders
Neurology The branch of medical science that deals with the nervous system and disorders affecting it
Oncology The branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer
Orthopedics The branch of medicine that deals with the treatment of disorders or injuries of the bones, joints, and associated muscles
Rheumatology The branch of medicine that deals with any of several pathological conditions of the muscles, tendons, joints, bones, or nerves
Otolaryngology (ENT, HNS) the branch of medicine that deals with the anatomy, function, and diseases of the ear, nose, and throat
Internal Medicine branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of internal or non-surgical disorders (general practitioner who usually only sees adults 18+)
Family Practice branch of medicine which provides general medical care for the whole family
Attending (physician) a physician who has completed residency and practices medicine in a clinic or hospital, in the specialty learned during residency
Fellow A physician who enters a training program in a medical specialty after completing residency, usually in a hospital or academic setting
Resident A physician who has finished medical school and is receiving training in a specialized area(the length of residency varies according to the specialty)
Osteopathy A system of healing based on the manipulation of bones or other parts of the body (D.O)
Acute Beginning abruptly with marked intensity or sharpness, then subsiding after a relatively short period.
Chronic Of a disease or disorder persisting for a long period, often for the remainder of a person's lifetime
Triplicate prescription A prescription for controlled substances in which the physician keeps one copy of the prescription for five years and sends two copies with the patient to the pharmacist
Urgent Care Medical problems that are not emergencies yet require medical attention usually within 24-48 hours
Emergency An unforseen or sudden occurrence that may be life threatening and requires immediate medical attention
Home Health Services Medical, nursing homemaker or other health related services provided at an individuals home
Hospice a facility or program designed to provide a caring environment for meeting the physical and emotional needs of the terminally ill
Referral the process of directing or redirecting to an appropriate specialist or agency for definitive treatment
Authorization An approval (by an insurance company) to secure payment for health services or equipment, usually prior to services being rendered
Coumadin An anticoagulant which is also known as warfarin that is used to prevent unwanted and dangerous blood clots
Out of Network Refers to any doctors, hospitals or other healthcare providers considered to be non-participants by your insurance plan
Controlled Substance a drug which has been declared by federal or state law to be illegal for sale or use, but may be dispensed under a physician's prescription
Generic Prescription An order for a drug identified by its official, commonly adopted, non-brand name
Primary Care the care a patient receives at first contact with the health care system, usually involving coordination of care and continuity over time
Outpatient Care Outpatient services are medical procedures or tests that can be done in a medical center without an overnight stay
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