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Anatomy of Lo Extrem

WVSOM Class of 2012 Anatomy of the Lower Extremity

what is the most common site for transfusions of blood & injections of fluids in infants? great sapphenous vein
what may be removed & used as venous grafts in vascularization procedures upon the heart? great and lesser sapphenous vein
what are the "red carpet? muscles? Superior Gemellus, Obturator Internus, Inferior Gemellus, Quadratus Femoris
The thigh muscles are separated into 3 compartments by what? intermuscular septa
the intermuscular septa separates into what 3 compartments? anterior, medial, posterior
muscles that are in the anterior compartment of the thigh all have what functions and innervation? Flexors of Hip; Extensors of Knee; innervated by Femoral Nerve
what are the anterior thigh muscles? Iliopsoas, Pectineus, Sartorius, and Quadriceps Femoris
why are femoral hernias more common in women? Wider flare of iliac crests results in wider femoral ring, and increased abdominal pressure during pregnancy
medial compartment of the thigh muscles all have what functions and innervation? ADductors of thigh; innervated by Obturator Nerve; blood supply = Obturator Artery
what are the medial thigh compartment muscles? ADductor Longus, Adductor Brevis, Adductor Magnus, Gracilis, Obturator Externus, and Pectineus
posterior thigh compartment muscles have what function and innervation? Extensors of hip, flexors of knee; innervation by Tibial division of Sciatic Nerve; No artery → perforating branches of Deep Femoral A.
posterior thigh compartment muscles are what? Biceps Femoris (Long / Short heads), Semimembranosus, Semitendinosus, Adductor Magnus (4)
exceptions to innervation of posterior thigh compartment? Short head of Biceps = Common Fibular portion of Sciatic N.
Created by: mhassan