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Representational Art Easily recognized by people
No real Subject? non representational art
4 Main Fxns of Art Aesthetic, Cultural, Utilitarian Socia
Beauty of Nature Aethetic
Fxn of Art: Improvement of state of life in art Utilitarian
Preserves skills from one generation to another Cultural
Man learns to love and help each other Social
what are major arts? painting archi,sculpture, literature, dance
minor arts pop, graphic, plastic, indus
practical arts? w/ purpose: liberal, fine, pure, mixed
arts that promote intellectual growth liberal
creative activity for the mind and the spirit fine arts
Major arts are concerned with actual and potential expressiveness
minor arts are concerned with practical arts and purposes
describe: kinetic, phonetic and pure arts kinetic: element of rhythm, phonetic: sounds and words, pure arts: one type of medium of expression
How does the artist select his medium? 1.Manipulate with ease, best for the idea, artistic inspiration
What is the distinction bet. art and craft? art: not end but the means, the technique is considers it the end
What are the propeties of watercolor -simple and clear, blends well
what is gouache adding zinc white to watercolor to tone down the color
Fresco? painting on a wet plaster surface, becomes part of the wall, "The Creation of Adam"
Paints with egg yolk used as a binder, more deliberate technique, colors are luminous, used for religious proj tempera
Used by Egyptians on mummy cases, wax colors painted with heat. Encaustio
Expensive, heaviest media, admits working over, flexible, dries slowly, can be changed, glossy, lasts long Oil
Transparent, Quick drying, mixed with acrylic emulsion, noy break easily, turns dark with time Acrylic
Done on paper with pencil, pen, ink, charcoal. use of line and shading, Drawing
brown pigment from soot of wood. pen and wash drawings Bistre
cutting away block of wood that the artists wants to be seen, leaving the portion to te 3rd domension Relief
Design/Text is engraved on a surface, leaves a sharp impression on the surface using ink Intaglio
Sculpture medium that is: green, used for carving and jewelry, chinese Jade
Sculpture Medium: oldest alloys (copper and tin), strong durable, weather proof, polishable bronze
Sculpture Medium: alloy of copper and zinc, rust-proof, polishable brass
Sculpture medium: easy to carve, softer, lighter, color and character taken note of, treated to preserve its quality. Wood
Sculpture Medium: Tenderest of Sculpting Material, oriental sculpture Terra Cotta
what are the classification of architectural material? materials of nature, made by man, indigenous
Oldest, most permanent material in the world Stone
limestone that can be polished, may be breciated (angular) or serpentine (variegated, for flat surface) Marble
Various colors, informal structure, textured Sandstone
Indigenous Material: outercovering of bamboo, woven Sawali
Indigenous Material: byproduct of coconut, cement coco coir
Drama set to music with action and scenery, overtures, recitative, ensemble and chorus opera
Phil Drama set to music like opera Zarzuela
Long composition for one instrument Sonata
Musical Pieces that tells a story Suite
Sonata for the orchestra symphony
sonata for solo and orchestra to show off virtuosity of soloist concerto
3 Main types of instrument Percussion, string, winf
Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, tuba long, half oblong, circle, half closed oblong
Pitch Highness and Lowness of tone
Volume resulting from force (forte = loud, piano = soft)
Timbre Tone color
do re mi fa so la ti do c d e f g a b
Realist with broken paints, Monet Impressionism
portray the subject as it is Realism
Abstraction: Subject is in misshapen condition distortion
Abstraction: subject is lengthened Extension
Abstraction: cut, lacerated, mutilated Mangling
Abstraction: use of cone, cylinder, sphere (Pablo Picasso) Cubism
Lack of refinement and application Abstract expression
Something visible to portray the idea or a quality Symbolism
Henry Matisse, Extreme Bright Colors Fauvism
Zurich,GMNY, Shock and provoke, experimental, hobby horse, Marcel Duchamp Dadaism
Speed and force of modern society Futurism
Andre Breton, Higher reality of life, super reality surrealism
Spiritual rebirth of man, emotional expression Expressionism
represent figures and forms, have direction, always moving,straight or curved line
Represent repose and serenity horizontal line
Poised for action and balance, Vertical Line
Suggest action and movement Diagonal Line
Grace and instability Curved line
Violence, conflict, Crooked and Jagged Line
Opposition, forms a contrast Repetition
modify sharpness of a vertical and gives horizontal line a harmonizing effect transtional
Also called chiaroscuro, lightness and darkness of a color, Value
Values above normal Tint
Values below normal Shade
3rd dimension of color, brightness and darkness of color, addl of black and white modifies it Intensity
Several tones of one hue, easiest to use Monochromatic
2-3 neighboring hues used together Adjacent
Colors that lie directly opposite each other Contracted color harmonies
adds sense of touch to the color element, add richness and vitality to paintings texture
effect of distance, has 2 kinds, linear and aerial Perspective
Appearance of distance by means of converging lines, near are big, far are small Linear Perspective
Distance by gradations of tone and color Aerial Perspective
Parts that are related to each other, stable, symmetrical and in an orderly manner, Regular Forms
Parts that are dissimilar and unrelated, assimilar and dynamic Irregular forms
secondary forms clustered to form a dominant form Centralized form
Sequentially arranged row of series of forms Linear forms
extend outward in a radial form Radial Form
modular forms that are regulated by 3d forms Grid forms
Variation of length and accentuation of a series of sounds, most fundamental concept is the beat; recurring pulse in music Rhythm
2nd most imp. element in music, concerned with mental melody Melody
Highness and Lowness of sound Pitch
Manner of combination of sounds Harmony
speed of certain piece Tempo
At Walking Pace Andante
Allegro Fast
Largo very slow
allegreto Moderately fast
Amount, Volume and Strength of the sound Dynamics
Tone Quality Timbre
conveys msg of the dance Theme
pattern of movement of time and space Design
bodily actions of the dancer Movement
skill of movement TECHNIQUE
auditory background music
worn by dancer costume and body ornaments
figures and steps in dancing choreography
background or scenery scenery
Sequential arrangement of related events and actionswhich the story is composed Plot
animals/people take part in the action Character
how the author allows us to see POV
Where event took place Setting
When the short story tells you ho the character is Direct Characterization
when the writer lets u draw ur own conclusions Indirect characterization
message communicated byt eh short story setting
subordinate themes Motifs
Irony: what the character say and the audience know Dramatic irony
Irony: expectation and result Situational irony
Irony: what is said and meant Verbal
control of the use of literary and figurative language Style
In verse form Poetry
actual meaning? implied meaning? poetic language? figurative language? Denonative, Connotative, poetic, figurative language
atmosphere in which the poet presents the world Tone
representation of the sense experience iMAGERY
Regular and irregular patterns, syllables, rhetorical stress Rhythm and meter
Metered language Verse
value, worth and experience a poem communicates prose meaning
idea of the poem, total meaning
the voice talking Speaker
pattern and arrangement of words Shape of the Poem
literary composition of the subject. May be formal or informal Essay
A long work of prose fiction with a form of plot. with subplots Novel
Presentation of words, actions sounds and characters, may be as a script (dialogue) or as a play (acted). may be COMEDY or TRAGEDY Drama
what is # in music for? raise the note by a step
what is a bequadro go back to the natural position
work of fiction that can be read in one sitting Short Story
poetic style not particular with rhyme and meter Free Verse
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