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What wartime capability sys provides HQ USAF, AF component commanders, MAJCOM, & the Aerospace Expeditionary Force Center readiness info to emply, manage & sustain expeditionary AF ops? ART
What input changes an adjusted stock lvl detail record from unconfirmed (memo) to confirmed (firm)? 1F3A
The net repair cycle days for TRIC: TRN input must be manually computed when? Upon receipt of a 256 reject
What positions are weapon sys mgt info sys access levels? HQ AFMC Functional Manager, MAJCOM Primary POC, & MAJCOM Alternate POC
What sys. is a Air Force Materiel Command advanced automated computer sys. designed to help monitor, manage, & improve weapon sys. support? WSMIS
On the Standard base lvl computer, what control statement provides a means of inserting images into a runstream from any file currently assigned? @ADD
What sys provides visibility of MICAP & AWP transactions by accepting transactions from depots & bases worldwide, maintain master records & rpts for all lvls of Air Logistics Center Mgt? D165B
What status code deletes a due-in that does not have a due-out under program control? Z7
What standard base lvl computer control statement removes undesired or deleted elements in the specified files & rewrites each file? @PACK
What listing will Stock Control use to monitor property awtng. disposition instructions from the item manager? D23, part 4
Which type of SMAG has assets at both wholesale and retail lvls? Vertical
During file status or requirements computation, what does the program produce, when an item record contains an excess exception code? FEX
The control statement on the standard base lvl computer that causes accounting routines to be called and all facilities assigned to the run to be released is what? @FIN
What computer input is made to initiate a condition change? FCC
A basic ingredient of any analysis is what? Reliable & Valid data
What is a basic ground rule for conducting a surveillance visit of a function? Check in and out with the Flt Chief
What DFM detail records can be updated by the TRIC DFM input? Firm & Memo
How many personnel & fighter Sq will a BEAR Industrial Ops set support? 3300 personnel/3 Fighter SQs
What AF Form is used to request a change to an allowance standard or an equ. item whose basis of issue requires approval above wing or base lvl? AF Form 601
The AF SMAG is designed to operate on what basis? No profit/no loss
Who must approve of the use of credit code "Y" in the SBSS program control before processing a stock fund turn-in? SMAG Manager
What does a Materiel Mgt Inspector use to ID an item? NSN, Reference Number (PN), & Item description
AFEMS provides email nitices to the gaining accountable officer when deployed equ. are not reported received with in how many days? 7 days
What is the nameof the process.that removes erroneous data from the SBSS database? Reverse Post (RVP)
Who forwards 2 copies of each TCTO publication with a cover letter to the Materiel Mgt Inspector? Base Maintenance Quality Control
What condition code and action code is used to process a product Quality/materiel defiCiency report turn-in? Q, C
What rpt lists unsupportable WRM requirements? Q07
Failure to process TRIC TRN data in a correct and timely manner results in reduced base stock lvl & incomplete rpts from which buy, repair, & distribution decisions are made by personnel in what? HQ AMC
What input is used to load the location/product quality/materiel dificieency rpt.control #on the due-in from maintenance detail record? DFM
What TRIC & Activity code is used to process items accounted for on MRSP, WRM or supply point details to maintenance for a functional check? MSI, C
What TRIC produces the necessary transaction record updates & files to upload at the gaining activity, & produces documentation to support the transfer of MRSP/IRSP/MSK detail records? 1WD
Supply interface system residue images are considered delinquent after how many hours? 24 hours
Who is the primary POC for special topics or subjects designated by accountable officer? Procedures
Experience & standards data are factors used in which type of analysis? Trend
Which part of the S05 lists authorizations for which the computer couldn't find a WRM detail record? 2
Readiness base lvls are forwarded to the base for retail supply sys implementation by what? XCA (electronic HQ AFMC computed lvl transaction)
An XF3 item can't be considered for condemnation unless it can't be repaired or the cost to repair exceeds what % of replacement cost? 75%
What SBSS output notifies core auto maint sys of changes in due-out status? 1SH
How many days before a deployment can a CONUS unit restrict Readiness Spare pkg assets from MICAP asset sourcing sys lateral support? 9 days
What are 3 types of schedules within the RPS ops section? Monthlh forecast/Daily ops schedule/RPS Ops schedule
The Materiel Support Division is responsible for what type of expense items? Centrally Procured
Who does the final review of all proposed changes & suggestions before submission to higher HQ? Accountable Officer
What for is attached to readiness spares pkg functional check items before they are moved to maintenance? DD Form 1576
Personnel at what AF activity maintain a centeral file of all weapon items by serial number? Warner Robins Air Logistics Center
What is used to verify TRIC TRN processing is complete? Daily Document Register
Who is accountable for materiel during a deployment of 130 days? Gaining CSB
What does personnel in a Supply Point use to process issues when they are operating wkthout a terminal function? Post-Post, TEX: 6
When monitoring AWP end items, personnel at bases submit requests for repair parts on a fill or backorder basis using what UJC? AR & BR
Enlisted AF specialty qualifications are lisred in which AF manual? AFMAN 36-2108 (Enlisted Classification)
During what phase of the deliberate planning process are support agreements drawn and analyzed? Phase V
By what workday of the month does the automated data sys (ADS) scheduler prepare & distribute a forecast of all known SBSS jobs to be run the following month? 10th workday
What analysis method do is used most often to satisfy a one-time requirement or solve a specific problem? Special Studies
What type of supply interface sys is designated to ensure any inbound or outbound images that could not be identified or dispatched are cleared in a timely manner? Residue
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