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Combining Forms

Calc/i Calcium, lime, the heel
Coll/a Glue
Medull/o Marrow
Oss/e, Oss/i Bone
Append/o, Appendic/o An appendage, that which hangs from or is attached to
Ax/o An axis, main stem
Skelet/o A dried up body, the skeleton
Ethm/o A sieve
Fontan/o A fountain
Front/o Forehead, brow
Occipit/o The back of the skull or head; the occiput
Pariet/o A wall
Sphen/o A wedge
Sin/o, Sin/u A hollow; a sinus; a tube-like passage
Tempor/o The temple
Maxill/o Jaw; Upper jaw bone
Mandibul/o Jaw; Lower jaw bone
Nas/i, Nas/o The nose
Orbit/o Circle, orbit, bony cavity or socket
Zygomat/o Yoke; Cheekbone
Coccyg/o A cuckoo, beak of a cuckoo
Sacr/o Sacred; Sacrum
Cost/o A rib
Manibri/o A handle
Stern/o The breast bone
Xiph/i, Xiph/o A sword
Ili/o Ilium; upper hip bone
Ischi/o Ischium; lower rear hip bone
Acromi/o The point of the shouler
Carp/o The wrist
Clavicul/o The collar bone
Glen/o A socket or pit
Humer/o Humerus, upper arm bone
Metacarp/o Bones of the hand between the wrist and fingers
Phalang/o A bone of a finger or toe
Radi/o Smallerl ateral bone of the forearm
Scapul/o The shoulder blad
Uln/o Larger, medial bone of the forearm
Acetabul/o Hip socket
Cox/o Hip; hip joint
Fibul/o A clasp; the smaller lateral bone of the lower leg
Innominat/o unnamed, nameless
Metatars/o Bones of the foot between the tarsus and toes
Patell/o The knee-cap; little plate or shallow dish
Tibi/o The shin bone; the larger medial bone of the lower leg
Os A bone
Condyl/o A knuckle, a knob
Foramin/o An opening
Magn/o Great, large
Malleol/o A little hammer
Mast/o A breast, a nipple
Meat/o A passage
Olecran/o The elbow
Process/o A going forth
Arthr/o A joint
Articul/o A joint
Burs/o A leather sac, a purse
Ligament/o A string, tie or band, a ligament
Menisc/o A crescent
Ten/o, Tend/o, Tendin/o A Tendon
Retinacul/o A halter
Created by: JonathanOlivarez