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Analogy algae
Anthropology humans
Archaeology remains of past life
Axiology value judgements
Bacteriology bacteria
Biology living organisms
horology measurement of time
ichthyology fish
kinesiology human movement
limnology fresh waters
mammalogy mammals
morphology structure and forms of plants and animals in language
mycology fungi
munismatology coins
oncology tumors
ontology nature and relation to beings
ophthalmology eyes
orinthology birds
paleontology fossils
parasitology parasites
pathology diseases
philology language and linguistics
cosmology nature
cryptology codes
cytology cells and their function
enology wine
entomology insects
epistemology nature and limits of knowledge
eschatology end of world
deontology ethics
primatology primates
radiology use of radiant energy
teleology final cause or purpose in nature
thanatology death
toxicology posins
urology urinary system
virology viruses
zoology animals
ethology animal behavior
etiology causes of phenomena
geology earth
gerontology aging
hagiology saints
herpetology reptiles and amphabians
histology living tissue
homology similarity in structure
Created by: amanda.herceg
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