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High Tech Vocab.

High Technology High School admissions test vocab.

tranquility state of being calm/peaceful
alluding suggest or call attention to indirectly
behooves duty or responsibility
adjacent next to/sharing same vertex,
lateral toward or from the side(s)
oblique neither parallel nor at a right angle to a specific angle
forging produce a copy/imitation of
valiant gallant/brave
acronym abbreviation
testimonials formal statement testifying to someone's character or qualification
jarring causing a physical shock or vibration
garrulous talkative
taciturn not talkative
pneumatic containing or operated by air or gas under pressure
obelisk stone pillar/monument
inadvertently not attentive
substantial ample/considerable amount
corroborated confirm or give support to
ambiguous uncertain/more than 1 interpretation
ambivalent mixed feelings
zealous eager
exorbitant unreasonably high
belligerent warlike, aggressively hostile
foreboding fear
destitute without the basic necessities of life
erudite having or showing great knowledge or knowing
altruism belief in or practice in selfless concern for the well-being of others
etymology study of words
connote word implies or suggests
denote to be a sign of, indicate
contempt disrespect, feeling worthless
discreet careful in order to avoid causing offense
prudent acting and showing no act or concern for the future
discrete individually separate and distinct
elicit evoke or draw out
illicit forbidden by laws, rules or customs
flaunt show or display
flout openly disregard ..(rules,laws)
ingenuous innocent and unsuspecting
persecute to provide ill-treatment to someone because of factors such as race.
prosecute continue with (a course of action) with a view to its completion
ambidextrous able to use right and left hands equally well
bellicose demonstrating aggression or willingness to fight
fluctuate rise and fall irregularly
lucid expressed clearly/bright
neophyte a person who is new to a subject or belief
omniscient knowing everything
impulse strong desire to act
pseudonym a fictitious name
subjugate bring under domain or control
superfluous unnecessary because it's more than enough
convivial filled with liveliness
divisive tending to cause disagreement among people
meticulous showing great attention to detail
capricious sudden or accountable changes to mood or behavior.
superseded take the place of
incisive clearly thinking
reticent not revealing one's thoughts or feelings readily.
copious abundant in supply
adamant refusing to be persuaded
intrepid fearless/adventurous
incongruous not keeping with surroundings or in harmony
urbanite a person who lives in a city or town
optimism hopefulness or confidence
tantrum uncontrolled outburst of anger and rage
armoire a wardrobe or movable cabinet, typically antique.
secluded a place that is sheltered and private
impalpable able to be felt by touch
grandiose impressive or magnificent in appearance and style
rudimentary basic
elated make someone ecstatically happy
despondent in low spirits from loss of hope and courage
innocuous not harmful or offensive
covert not openly acknowledged or displayed
incubate (of a bird) sitting on a nest to keep eggs warm
pessimist a person who expects the worst
benevolent well meaning and kindly
erratic irregular
candid truthful or straightforward
recluse person living a solitary life and avoiding other people
dubious hesitating or doubting
brevity concise and exact use of words in writing or speech
malicious intending to do harm
disperse distribute or spread over a large area
conundrum a confusing or difficult problem or question
commemorate recall or show respect for
furtive secretive
adroit clever or skillful at using the hands or mind
sardonic grimly mocking
bucolic relating to pleasant aspects of country life
fraudulent obtained or done be deception.(cheating)
pensive engaged in or reflecting serious or deep thought
animosity strong hostility
spurious not being what it seems(false, fake)
meager lacking in quality or quantity
dissuade persuade someone not to take a specific course of action.
condone accept or allow morally wrong behavior to continue
affluence the state of having great money/wealth
haggard being exhausted or unwell from fatigue
defray provide money to pay for a cost/expense
cynical believing that people are motivated by self-interest
agrarian Having to do with agriculture or farming
antagonist One who contends with or opposes another
Bigotry Excessive prejudice
Consummate To complete, to carry to the utmost degree
Copious Abundant. Plentiful. In great quantities
Cryptic Hidden. Secret. Having a hidden or ambiguous meaning.
Deferment The act of putting off or delaying . Postponement
Exacerbate To make more violent, bitter or severe
Furtive Done in a stealthy manner. Sly and underhanded
Laudable Praiseworthy
Geology The study of the history of the earth and its life, especially recorded in rocks
Mutation Process of changing
Obsolescence State of being outdated
Parity The state or condition of being the same in power, value or rank; equality
Pragmatism Faith in the practical approach
Provocative Something that stirs up an action
Puerile Childish, silly. Immature
Rectify To make right. To correct.
Relentless Harsh. Unmoved by pity. Unstoppable.
Venerate To look upon with deep respect and reverence
Precarious Dangerously risky
Assuage Lessen
Distraught Upset
Noisome Foul smelling
Willy Crafty
Meandering Winding
Obdurate Stubborn
Paragon Ideal model
Intrepid Bold
Ostracize Exclude. Banish
Bureaucrat Small minded
Indelible Permanent
Precocious Intelligent
Cognizant Aware. Having retained knowledge
Trepidation A feeling of fear or agitation about something that might happen
Created by: Katrina1212
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