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Personality Theories

Theories of Personality and Progression to Disorders - Psych

A relatively stable and enduring set of characteristic behavioral and emotional traits that characterize a person’s adaptation to life? * Personality
Some Frontal Lobe Functions ? * planning, making judgements, organization, drives, mood/personality
Freud’s Structure of Personality? * have conscious (aware of ideas/thoughts), preconscious (can recall if attention is brought to it), and unconscious (no awareness) *most things happen in the unconscious state *Ego, Superego (societal norms/value ideals), and Id (pleasure ideals)
Ego Defense Mechanism? * with the "arguing" between the Id and Superego on the Ego, the Ego doesn't know what to do, so it creates a sense of anxiety as a defense mechanism
What are some Ego Defense Mechanism coping styles? *primitive *immature *neurotic *mature
Primitive and Immature basics? *Primitive - denies/distorts/avoids problem leading to psychotic state *Immature - problem exists, but denies fault and responsibility to find a solution, leading to a Personality Disorder
Neurotic and Mature basics? *Neurotic - problem exists, but not capable to work to a solution. Leads to Depressive Disorder *Mature - same as Neurotic, but can solve issue, with NO impairment *Both produce normal or more normal adults than the other two
The Five Factor Model of Personality traits? (most common trait theory) *OCEAN *Openness ….………...Closedness *Conscientiousness …..Undependability *Extraversion ………….Introversion *Agreeableness ….…....Antagonism *Neuroticism ………….Emotional Stability
Humanistic Theories ? * warm and fuzzy ideals to be what societal norms are and everyone is actually good *if not achieved, can have cognitive dissonance
Behavioral Theories ? *Personality is a set of learned responses or habits
What is a Personality Disorder and how do you differentiate it from a Personality Trait ? * Inflexible & maladaptive responses to stress that is Global, affecting work and relationships * a personality trait is the odd or normal trait of a person, without it affecting anything
DSM-V General Criteria to Dx a Personality Disorder ? *An enduring pattern of inner experience and behavior that deviates from the expectations of the individual’s culture. The pattern is manifested in 2 or more of the following areas: *Cognition *Affect *Interpersonal functioning *Impulse control
Top thing to keep in mind when Dx a Personality Disorder ? * just b/c that person deviates from your cultural norms, does not mean they have a personality disorder. * have to compare them to their societal norms
Created by: thamrick800