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CNA- Chapter 1 & 2


Acute Illness A sudden illness from which the person is expected to recover
Assisted Living Residence (ALR) Provides housing, personal care, support services, health care, and social activities in a home-like setting to persons needing help with daily activities
Board and Care Home Provides a room, meals, laundry, and supervision
Chronic Illness An on-going illness that is slow or gradual in onset; it has no known cure; it can be controlled and complications prevented with proper treatment
Health Team The many health care workers whose skills and knowledge focus on the person's total care
Hospice An agency or program for persons who are dying
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) A nurse who has completed a 1-year nursing program and has passed a licensing test; aka LVN
Nursing Assistant A person who has passed a nursing assistant training and competency evalutation program; performs delegated nursing tasks under the supervision of a licensed nurse
Nursing Center A long-term care center that provides health care services to persons who need regular or continuous care; aka nursing facility or nursing home
Nursing Team Those who provide nursing care- RNs, LPNs/LVNs, and nursing assistants
Ombudsman Someone who supports or promotes the needs and interests of another person
Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 (OBRA) A federal law requiring that nursing centers provide care in a manner and in a setting that maintains or improves each person's quality of life, health, and safety
Registered Nurse (RN) A nurse who has completed a 2,3, or 4-year nursing program and has passed a licensing test
Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) A long-term care center that provides complex care for severe health problems
Subacute Care Complex medical care or rehabilitation when hospital care is no longer needed
Terminal Illness An illness or injury from which the person will not likely recover
Abuse The intentional mistreatment or harm of another person
Assault Intentionally attempting or threatening to touch a person's body without the person's consent
Battery Touching a person's body without his or her consent
Boundary Crossing A brief act or behavior outside of the helpful zone
Boundary Sign An act, behavior, or thought that warns of a boundary crossing or boundary violation
Boundary Violation An act or behavior that meets your needs, not the person's needs
Civil Law Laws dealing with relationships between people
Crime An act that violates a criminal law
Criminal Law Laws concerned with offenses against the public and society in general
Defamation Injuring a person's name and reputation by making false statements to a third person
Delegate To authorize another person to perform a nursing task in a certain situation
Elder Abuse Any knowing, intentional, or negligent act by a caregiver or any other person to an older adult
Ethics Knowledge of what is right conduct and wrong conduct
False Imprisonment Unlawful restraint or restriction of a person's freedom of movement
Fraud Saying or doing something to trick, fool, or deceive a person
Invasion of Privacy Violating a person's right not to have his or her name, photo, or private affairs exposed or made public without giving consent
Job Description A document that describes what the agency expects you to do
Law A rule of conduct made by a government body
Libel Making false statements in print, writing or through pictures or drawings
Malpractice Negligence by a professional person
Neglect Failure to provide the person with the goods or services needed to avoid physical harm, mental anguish or mental illness
Negligence An unintentional wrong in which a person did not act in a reasonable and careful manner and a person or the person's property was harmed
Nursing Task Nursing care or a nursing function, procedure, activity, or work that can be delegated to nursing assistants when it does not require an RNs professional knowledge or judgement
Professional Boundary That which separates helpful behaviors from those that are not helpful
Professional Sexual Misconduct An act, behavior, or comment that is sexual in nature
Protected Health Information Identifying information about the person's health care that is maintained or sent in any form (paper, electronic, oral)
Self-neglect A person's behaviors that threaten his or her health and safety
Slander Making false statements orally
Vulnerable Adult A person 18 years old or older who has a disability or condition that makes him or her at risk to be wounded, attacked, or damaged
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