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Naples NCTS EIDW 306

Tech Control

ANCC Automated Network Control Center Digital Patch Panel
ANCC Components X Terminal, Control System Terminal, C3U(Consolidated Cable Converter Unit Chassis), Red Switch, Black Switch
Purpose of the Digital Modular Radio DMR is a software programmable radio system
Components Receiver/Transmitter (R/T Actual radio), Human Interface Machine (HMI), and Power Amplifiers (PA).
Purpose of the High Speed Global Ring High Speed Global Ring (HSGR) is a Mesh Topology between major shore communication stations around the world.
OTAM Off The Air Monitor
Components of the Fleet Broadcast System KWT46, KWR46, FCC 100, AN/USC 38, SSR 1.
BCA Broadcast Control Authority
BCS Broadcast Control Station
BKS Broadcast Keying Station
BRS Broadcast Radiating Station
IMUL Indian Multichannel Broadcast
LMUL LANT Multichannel Broadcast
INMARSAT Configurations A 64K Phones (Voice)/Data B 64K Phones (Voice)/Data C 64K Data Only D 128K Phones (Voice)/Data E 128K Phones (Voice)/Data F 128K Data Only
NREMS Navy Regional Enterprise Message System
FMX Fleet Message Exchange
CUDIXS Common User Digital Information Exchange System
EAM Emergency Action Message
DTG Day Time Group
NMSS Naval Message Switching System
VCP Virtual Circuit Protocol
VTC components MPS, Gate Keeper, MADGE.
VTC connections IP, Serial/CEM, ISDN.
Cryptographic Items KG 84 Encrypts Data transfer rate 128K KIV 7 Encrypts Data and Voice transfer rate 1.544Mbps KWR 46 Encryption for RCV side of broadcast KWT 46 Encryption for XMIT side of broadcast KYV 5 ANDVT encrypts Data and Voice
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