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Naples NCTS EIDW 105

(Platform Specific) NETWORKS

Premise Router The last router that we have access to before our data hits DISA's network. All local nets connect to the Premise router.
OSSR Outer Security Screening Router: The first line of defense for the FLTNOC
ISSR Inner Security Screening Router: Used to control the types of connections that can reach the Bastion hosts from the fleet
VSCAN Used to scan email for viruses
DNSMail Server Used to store and forward email for the fleet as well as provide DNS
Fleet Router The last router in the FLTNOC between the ISSR and the ADNS equipment.
Print Server A Centralized device that controls and manages all network printers.
Outlook Web Access (OWA) Check your work e-mail from the internet from home.
Four Levels or Tiers of Support: Tier I is Regional Help Desk Support Tier II is Field Service Support Tier III is Network System Administration Support Tier IV is highly skilled government Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
Ports to know: HTTP - Port 80 HTTPS – Port 443 SSH – Port 22 Telnet – Port 23 POP 3 – Port 110 SMTP – Port 25
Created by: 44005102
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