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Naples NCTS EIDW 104

(Platform Specific) OPERATIONS

Explain the role and discuss services provided by the JFTOC: The JFTOC Watch Officer is the Fleets 24/7 point of contact (POC) for any and all telecommunications anomalies and service requests at the NCTAMS
Define the role of NCTS in NETWARCOM Their primary mission is to provide the Navy Information Technology infrastructure and support services required for rapid and reliable voice and data communications within a specified Area of Responsibility (AOR).
SAR/SAA Before units can come up on any service they need to submit a SAR (Satellite Access Request) and in return they will receive an SAA (Satellite Access Authorization).
Define KM Knowledge Management.
Define ASI Authorized Service Interruption
Define and state the purpose of AESOP Afloat Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Program (AESOP) is a computer program designed to automate frequency planning for radar and weapons systems as well as the process of generating communications plans.
Define and state the purpose of the CCS Communications Control Ship. At least 72 hours prior to getting underway they execute COMM plan, Act as Net Control Station (NECOS), Provide missing crypto keys to ships in the strike group via OTAT
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