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PHS SAT Vocab List12

LA 2 Honors SAT List 12

brevitya Shortness, briefness; conciseness of expression.
criterion a standard used for making judgements
delineate to portray accurately; outline, describe.
ephemeral short-lived, fleeting, transient
copious superabundant; in plentiful supply
dearth scarcity or lack; paucity
miniscule very,very small
mince to chop very fine; to walk or talk in an affected way
evanescent fading or vanishing quickly, like vapor; transient
paucity lack or scarcity of number or amount
prodigious inspiring awe; enormous in size or capacity
meager lacking in quality or quantity; scanty, skimpy, spare,sparse also, meager
redundant extra and unnecessary; superfluous; uneeded
magnanimous generously forgiving; big-spirited
magnate someone of power,rank, or influence
scanty brief or short: lacking desired amount or size; meager
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