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Set 1 Book 2

ABC priority method Make a to do list, prioritize all of your tasks as A, B or C, perform A items first, B items next and finally, complete C items
The Pareto Principle 20% of items give 80% of the results. List your tasks and focus 80% of your time and effort to the 20% of your work that is most important.
The Covey Matrix Place each of your tasks into one of the four quadrants: I-Quadrant of Reaction II-Quadrant of Quality III- Quadrant of Deception IV - Quadrant of Waste.
Time Management effectively using your time by setting goals and objectives.
Three time management plans ABC priority method, The Pareto Principle and the Covey Matrix
Two steps are essential to any time management plan Make a to do list and prioritize them.
Time management tools Calenders, PDAs, organizers, planners and smart phones
Type of item should be delegated to others C type items; priorities that are urgent but not difficult
Ways to take command of the telephone don't depend on messages left, no more telephone tag, call scheduling, work with others, and voicemail and answering machines
Alignment the dress or cover
Cadence the uniform step and rhythm is marching; that is the number of steps marched per minute.
Heritage something that is passed down from preceding generations; a tradition.
Customs practices that are the result of the need for order and discipline and are established by frequent use over a long period.
Courtesies marks of respect, etiquette, or courteous behavior shown to persons or symbols.
Examples of early use of air power military ballooning, air machines, Aeroplane No. 1
Operations AF has participated in since, 1990. Desert storm, provide relief, Restore hope, Allied Force and Enduring Freedom.
AF medal of honor recipients SSgt Henry Erwin, A1C William Pitzenbarger, SSgt Maynard Smith, TSgt Forrest Vosler, SSgt Archibald Mathies, A1C John Levitow and CMSgt RIchard Etchberger
AFI for dress and appearance AFI 36-2903
Dress and appearance supports AF culture providing standardization and teamwork
Origin of dress and appearance standards date 1775, when Gen George Washington commanded the Continental Army
Importance for military members to show respect to the flag It honors our military heritage and shows an appreciation for freedom.
AFM governs drill and ceremonies AFM 36-2203
AF culture supports military professionalism by helping you appreciate the need for authority, discipline, and the importance of following orders promptly and precisely, helping you develop desirable qualities like professionalism, commitment, dedication and promoting a stronger mil orientation
Wellness is identified as a complete advancement toward treating the mind, body and spirit as a whole. Its a condition resulting from incorporating a system of individual programs into your life
social dimension your network of friends and personal relationships with those you care about
spiritual dimension vital component of human wellness. Its that within us which motivates us in life and gives us strength and resiliency.
Emotional dimension the dimension of wellness that refers to building an awareness of and accepting your feelings and moods.
Physical dimension the dimension of wellness that refers to weight control, a balanced diet, appearance, self image and exercise.
Four dimensions of wellness physical, social, emotional and spiritual.
Aerobic fitness any activity using large muscle groups for a prolonged period and is rhythmic in nature.
five key players of the AF fitness program are Fitness assessment cell, unit fitness program manager, immediate supervisor, physical training leader and individual
fitness improvement program unit based or fitness center based program that all members receiving unsatisfactory fitness scores are required to attend
Healthy living program targets nutritional and exercise behavior changes to improve the members' health and fitness
factors of proper weight management are aerobic fitness, muscular fitness, flexibility and body composition
four basic eating rules are eat small frequent meals, eat every3-4 hours, eat as soon as possible after exercise and consume a variety of foods.
Not eating frequently throughout the day may affect you by slow metabolism, overeating, reduce physical performance, reduce mental performance
in order to achieve optimal fitness, you shouldn't weight yourself daily, use diuretics or laxatives, spend an excessive amount of time in saunas or participate in extremely low calorie diets.
Stress is any circumstance that places special physical and/or prychological demands on an organism leading to physiological, psychological and behavioral outcomes. If these demands persist over time, long-term or chronic undesirable outcomes or strains may result.
Eustress is the positive consequence of stress; it motivates you to meet life's challenges.
Distress is the negative consequences of stress; it's the sudden occurrence and short duration of physical discomfort, such as anxiety.
Intervening is taking actions to control the conditions surrounding the situation or preventing the stressor altogether.
Adapting is coping with the experience so that you're able to function like normal or to normal.
Combat stress is reaction from being in actual combat.
Operational stress is a reaction from wingman performing in supportive roles that aren't in actual combat, but are working at the deployed location.
Suicide is killing yourself voluntarily and intentionally.
Difference between eustress and distress eustress is a positive consequence of stress and distress is a negative consequence.
The seven organizational stressor subcategories are job, role, environmental, interpersonal, leadership, organizational structure and change.
The three major types of extra-organizational stressors are family problems, marital issues and financial issues.
The four reaction/condition types are physical, psychological, behavioral and cognitive.
PTSD is a disorder diagnosed by psychologists/psychiatrist;
Three behaviors associated with suicide are suicidal gesture, attempted suicide and completed suicide
Affects of attempted suicide/completed suicide are causing copy cat attempts, division within the work center and lower morale
People who can provide assistance in stressful situations are leadership, first sergeant commander, mental health services and chaplain.
AFI defines the enlisted force structure and implements AFPD 36-26, total force development AFI 36-2618
The junior enlisted airman tier consists of airman basic, airman, airman 1st class and senior airman.
The NCO tier consists of SSgt and TSgt
Purpose of AFI 36-2618 is provide an enlisted force structure that best meets mission requirements; provides a common, stable career structure for all enlisted personnel.
Some expectations of the junior enlisted airman tier include adapting to the requirements of the military profession, achieve technical proficiency, grow into becoming a highly effective member of the AF. as SrA begin to exercise limited supervision and leadership, prepare for increased responsibilities
Some expectations of the NCO tier include become expert hands-on technicians, serve as supervisors, ensure team members work together, train and develop amn, develop leadership skills, accept all tasks and missions assigned and by held accountable by supervisors
The wingman responsibility challenges you to take care of other airman. Being a good wingman means you share a bond with other airman. It also means that you can be counted on to support other members in all situations both on and off duty.
You can demonstrate effective followership by enthusiastically supporting, explaining and promoting leaders' decisions. You can also accomplish this by developing innovative ways to improve processes and provide suggestions up the chain of command that will directly contribute 2 unit &mission success
As an NCO you should meet all pre-deployment requirements and ensure you educate and assist your subordinates with deployment preparation actions. You'll also be expected to correct and counsel subordinates who do not meet deployment readiness standards.
Ethics involve a principle of right or good behavior, a system of moral principles or values, a study of moral philosophy and the rules and standards of conduct governing the members of a profession.
Integrity is the willingness to do what is right even when no one is looking.
Service before self is to place professional duties before personal duties.
Excellence in all we do is military professionals must be in constant pursuit of excellence.
Some principles we value as military professionals honesty, honor, integrity, service before self and discipline
Some things expected of our daily conduct as military professionals don't lie, cheat or steal. Follow the rules. Adhere to the standards. Always do your best work. Always conduct yourself professionally. Don't discriminate. Treat people with respect. Be open and honest.
Resources or methods you can use to guide your ethical conduct and help your subordinates do the same AFIs, the AF core values, the UCMJ, know the expected standards of conduct, mentoring and proper leadership
Some consequences if you fail to conduct yourself in an ethical manner shame to myself, my unit, my service, and my country. I'd set a bad example for others and face corrective actions for breech of discipline.
Integrity is important it helps our subordinates, coworkers, and supervisors trust what we say and do. It builds trust and trust is the foundation of all good relationships and teams.
You demonstrate service before self by working long hours when necessary, by being prepared for deployments, and operform any duties necessary to accomplish the mission. As supervisors, we need to be willing to modify our own leave schedules so our subordinates can take their leave.
Internal excellence is how we do business in the AF.
External excellence is the way we treat the world around us, like environmental issues.
Leadership is the art and science of influencing and directing people to accomplish the mission There are three key attribute: the mission, the people and the influence.
Followership is one in the service of another; one that follows the opinions or teachings of another; one that imitates another.
Legitimate power is the authority to assign tasks, appoint someone to oversee an operation and accept all responsibility based on seniority.
Connection power is something that bring credibility to you from your followers and increases your ability to influence.
Coercive power is a leader's ability to enforce discipline.
Reward power is the ability of a leader to recognize followers who distinguish themselves from among their peers.
Referent power is a leader's ability to display a good personality through relationships built on trust and confidence with his/her followers.
Expert power is a leader's ability to relay special knowledge or demonstrate special skills that are related to the job/
Information power is the ability to provide the information needed when questioned by your followers.
CILI is competence, integrity, Loyalty, and initiative
SLICED is selflessness, loyalty, integrity, commitment, energy and decisiveness
unit effectiveness is effectiveness and efficiency. Effectiveness is the ability to choose appropriate organizational goals and achieve them. Effeciency is the ability to make the best use of resources such as people, money, time and equipment to meet mission goals.
Ten guidelines to being a good follower know your abilities and seek self-improvement, being technically proficient assures we have the knowledge skill and ability to complete the mission, obey orders and initiate appropriate actions in the absence of orders, develop a sense of responsibility
Three types of personal power referent power, expert power, and information power
Abuse is any pattern of unconventional misuse of any substance for non-medical purposes that produces a known health risk or constitutes a danger to self or others.
Substance abuse is the use of any illicit drug or the misuse of any prescribed medication, and the abuse of alcohol.
Alcohol abuse is any substandard behavior or performance in which the consumption of alcohol is a primary contributing factor.
Alcoholism is a chronic disease with genetic, physiological and environmental factors influencing its development and manifestations.
Adapt is the acronym for the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment program
Some of the drugs abused today illegal use of prescription drugs, marijuana, spice, steroids, MDMA or Ecstasy, cocaine, methamphetamine and alcohol.
The AF has established a policy on substance abuse as it provides a standard for all to adhere to, helps individuals to supervise more effectively and is a useful management tool. It is important to educate individuals that action can be taken for violations and to deter substance abuse before it happens.
It is important to know about these drugs as you must stay informed and understand the challenges drugs present to individuals. Understanding how they're used and the impact drugs make on a squadron will increase your ability to lead.
The issues that illegal drug and alcohol abuse can cause are a decline in morale. They disrupt team work and synergy because they present discipline problems and the loss of work hours thru illness or resolution appointments.
Unlawful discrimination is all written or verbal communications that degrade individuals on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, or sex that are not otherwise authorized by law or regulation.
racism is any attitude or action of a person or institutional structure that subordinates a person or group because of race.
Sexual harassment is discrimination that involves unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature to include unwelcome verbal, nonverbal or physical acts of a sexual nature.
Sexual assault is the intentional sexual contact, characterized by use of force, abuse of authority, or when the victim does not or cannot consent.
The focus on the AF policy on EOT is to conduct its affairs free from unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment. It provides equal opportunity and treatment for all members.
The difference between EOT and EEO is EOT deals primarily with the equal treatment of military members whereas the EEO deals with civilian employment.
The AF EO policy positively impacts the work center effectiveness by setting boundaries for operating as military professionals. It helps us focus on the job we're given and allows us to prevent and correct human relations issues when they arise. Fair treatment raises morale; high morale raises productivity.
Unlawful discrimination can take place by individuals acting out against another person or group of people. Organizational policies which act against an individual or group of people.
Personal discrimination is unlawful when an individual is taking action to deprive a person or group of people a right based on their color, national origin., race, religion or sex.
Examples of dissident/protest activities that fall under AFI 51-903 KKK, Aryan Nations/Skin heads, Black Panthers, and other activities that include active participation in organizations that encourage supremacist causes.
Victims of sexual assault or attempted sexual assault do not seek help as they may lack knowledge of what to do, lack awareness about the resources to help, lack trust in the system, be blamed by their leaders, peers and others, reprisal, fear sanction from perceived misconduct, fear not being believed or embarrassment
As a supervisor, your role in managing human relations consists of preventing, identifying and correcting EO problems
Professional relationships are relationships that contribute to the effectiveness of the AF.
Unprofessional relationships are those that distract from the authority of supervisors or result in or reasonably create the appearance of , favoritism, misuse of office or position, or the abandonment of organizational goals for personal interests.
Fraternization is a personal relationship between an officer and an enlisted member that violates the customary bounds of acceptable behavior in the AF and prejudices good order and discipline, discredits the armed services or operates to the personal disgrace.
AFI that governs professional relationships AFI 36-2909
Diversity is the fact or quality of being diverse: difference. Unlike in kind: distinct, varied; a point of respect in which things differ; variety.
Prejudice is an adverse opinion or judgment formed beforehand or without full knowledge or complete examination of the facts. A preconceived idea or preference: bias.
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