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History Paper 1

IB History Paper 1 - Peacemaking, peacekeeping - International Relations

British-American War 1812-1814
Meiji Restoration 1867
Italy formed 1867
Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871
Vladimir Lenin 1870-1924
BCC divided Africa 1884
Constitution in Japan (western) 1889
Sino-Japanese War 1894-1895
Italo-Abyssinian War 1895-1896
Anglo-Japanese Treaty 1902
Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905
Shantung Peninsula seized 1914
Treaty of London 1915
Bulgaria joined WWI 1915
Woodrow Wilson re-elected 1916
Romania joined WWI 1916
Georges Clemenceau elected 1917
Russian Revolution October 1917
'Coupon' election 1918
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk March 1918
WWI armistice 11th November 1918
Representation of people act December 1918
Treaty of St. Germain with Austria 1919
Treaty of Neuilly with Bulgaria 1919
Japanese rice riots 1919
League of Nations founded 1919
Conflict over Teschen 1919
Treaty of Versailles begun January 1919
Paris Peace Conference begun 18th January 1919
Assassination attempt on Clemenceau February 1919
Weimar Republic proclaimed February 1919
Fontainebleu Memorandum March 1919
Pressure on Clemenceau to be replaced April 1919
LofN Covenant produced April 1919
Draft of TofV 7th May 1919
Treaty of Versailles signed 28th June 1919
First meeting of LofN 1920
Polish-Soviet War 1920
Treaty of Trianon with Hungary 1920
Treaty of Sèvres with Turkey 1920
Treaty of Riga 1920
Aaland Islands dispute 1920
Riots in Palestine 1920
US votes against joining LofN 1920
Dispute over Vilna 1920-1923
German reparations agreed April 1921
Upper Silesia dispute 1921
Geddis Axe 1921
Washington Naval Conference 1921-1922
British army disarmed 1921-1934
Treaty of Rapallo 1922
Palestine mandate established 1922
Mussolini came to power 1922
Legislative council established in Palestine 1922
Washington Naval Treaty 1922
March on Rome October 1922
Germany failed to pay reparations December 1922
Treaty of Lausanne 1923
Corfu incident 1923
Great earthquake in Japan 1923
Draft Treaty of Mutual Assistance 1923
Conflict over Memel 1923
Ruhr occupied by French January 1923
Geneva Protocol 1924
Japanese Exclusion Act 1924
Mosul dispute 1924
Dawes Plan finalised April 1924
Bulgaria dispute 1925
Locarno Conference 5-16th October 1925
Germany joined LofN 1926
Inter-allied Commission 1927
Chinese Civil War 1927
Western Wall Uprising in Palestine 1929
Young Plan 1929
Wall Street Crash October 1929
London Naval Conference 1930
Minseito won election in Japan 1930
Japan, Italy and Germany broke the terms of the Kellog-Briand Pact 1930s
Bomb exploded near Mukden 18th September 1931
World Disarmament Conference 1932
Bolivia and Paraguay War 1932
Geneva Disarmament Conference 1932-1934
Manchuria became a puppet state March 1932
British resolution in Manchuria 11th March 1932
Lytton Commission sent into Manchuria Spring 1932
Japan and Germany left the LofN 1933
Disarmament Conference 1933
Hitler became the German Chancellor January 1933
Lytton Report approved February 1933
Nazi coup in Austria 1934
Wal-Wal incident 1934
USSR admitted to the LofN 1934
Night of the Long Knives June 1934
Hindenburg died August 1934
Quaid'orsa see Hitler's threat 1935
Saar Plebiscite January 1935
Stresa Front (treaty) April 1935
Arms embargo placed on Italy and Abyssinia May 1935
British signed AGNA 18th June 1935
Mussolini invaded Abyssinia 3rd October 1935
Hoare-Laval Pact 9th December 1935
Italian pilot murdered 26th December 1935
Remilitarisation of the Rhineland 1936
Arab Revolt 1936-1939
Major Abyssinian defeat March 1936
LofN admits failure in Abyssinia April 1936
Abyssinia annexed by Italy 9th May 1936
Rome-Berlin Axis 25th November 1936
Italy left the LofN 1937
Austria annexed to Germany 1938
Last meeting of the LofN 8th April 1946
Created by: IlmN