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Microbiology - 2

Microbiology Final Exam

Moderate-Complexity Test makes up approximatley 75 percent of lab tests
High-Complexity Tests require the skills of pathologists or other medical specialists to perform them
Sputum Specimen material collected from lungs and bronchial tubes
Culturette a self-contained, disposable plastic tube, containing a sterile swab used for specimen collection in the office
Gelatin Culture type of media used to grow microorganisms in the lab
Gram Stain applied to specimens to determine if the organism is gram negative (pink stain)
Culture propagation of living-tissue cells in special media that are conducive to their growth
Inoculum microorganism, serum, or toxic substance that is introduced by innoculation
Swab cotton or gauze on the end of a slender stick used for cleansing, applying remedies or obtaining tissue or secretions for bacteriologic examination
Inocuolate to inject or transfer a microorganism, serum, or toxic material into the body, onto culture medium or onto a slide
Hanging Drop Culture requires the use of a concave depression on the slide
Wet Mount Culture performed by inoculating a dry slide by rolling a swab containing the specimen across the surface of a slide
Gelatin Culture performed using gelatin on the media
Streak Culture performed by spreading of bacteria by drawing a wire containing the inoculum across the surface of the medium (called streaking plate)
Media examples are broth and gelatin
Inoculate refers to the injection of an antigen, antiserum, or antitoxin into an individual
Specimens refer to a part of a thing that is intended to show the kind and quality of the whole, such as specimen of urine
Created by: sgaston712