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lesson 7

ashworth vet assistance lesson 7

name the 3 bones that make up the hip bone ilium,ischium,pubus bone
name the 4 basic functions of the skin protection, sensation heat control,sweat
name of the longbones shaft diaphysis
name of the longbones two ends epiphysis
name the 9 systems of the body skeletal,respiratory,reproductive, muscular,,circulatory urinary,digestive,nervouse
a condition where the spinal fluid is blocked and cannot go down the spine hydrocephalus
where the needle is inserted for a spinal tap between 2 or the cervical or lumbar vertebrea
what is the name of the largest nerve in the rear legg femoral nerve
name of the shin bone tibia
what is the pictineus muscle relatively small muscle located in the medial aspect of the rear leg. it is sometimes cut in half to relieve pain from hip dysplasia in dogs
the muscle that acts by closing the jaw masseter muscle
the muscle that connects the rib bones to one another intercostal muscle
refers to the belly surface ventral
refers to the top surface dorsal
the study of cells as they relate to disease cytology
if you were to draw a line thru the middle of the body midline
means away from the midline lateral
means toward the midline medial
name the 2 armbones radius and ulna
name the ankle bone fetlok
the transparent layer on the front of the eyeball cornea
tool used to check the eyes ophthalmoscope
name for the C1 vertebrea atlas
name for the C2 vertebrea axis
name a short bone wrist
name a long bone femur
name a irregular bone vertebrea
name a flatbone cranial
refers to a point toward the front of an animal anterior
refers to a point toward the back of an animal posterior
skeletal name for the shoulder blades and appendages appendicular skelaton
another word for fat tissue adipose
glands connected to the hair follicles sebaceous glands
a disturbance in the production of keratin produces a skin disease known as? seborrea
name the 2 layers of skin dermis, epidermis
name the 3 membranes synovial, serous, mucous
term for sinuses become infected sinusitus
name of the hard outer layer of the bone cortex
what is dandruff discarded kerotin
name the 2 types of nervouse processes axons and dendrites
name the 5 parts of the brain cerebrum, cerebellum, midbrain,brainstem,medulla
what is the grey matter in the brain called cerebral cortex
the brainstem controls what reflexes sneezing,coughing, hiccuping,swallowing
what is the thin tissue that covers the brain and spinal cord meninges
name the 4 main types of tissues connective epithelial,muscle, nerve
name the tissue below the skin subcutaneous tissue
term for the kneecap patellas
supports the bones within a joint ligaments
how many ribs are in a canine 13 pairs
the space between two ribs is called the intercostal space
which ribs are connected to the sternum first 9 pairs
name the small fingerlike bones in the throat hyoid bones
term for the arm bone humerouse
muscle that gets smaller; not excercised atrophy
muscle that get larger; lots of excercise hyperatrophy
name 3 types of muscle tissues skeletal,smooth,cardiac
skeletal muscles are connected to the bone by what tendons
the opening in the bone where a large blood vessel enters nutrient foramen
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