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MCWP 4-11.1

Health Service Support Operations

What is often the first to receive medical intelligence from on-site care providers due to multiple communications and information links available to sections within the FSSG combat service support operations center (CSSOC)? Health Service Support Element (HSSE)
Whose mission is it to minimize the effects that wounds, injuries, and disease have on units' effectiviness, readiness, and morale? HSS
What provieds initial resusvitative HSS support to the MEF and is the only source of organic Marine Coprs medical support above the aid station level? Medical battalion
What phrase has echoed across numerous battlfield in America's history? To answer this cry, medical personnel assigned to Marine Coprs forces (MARFOR) must be knowledgeable, prepared, and able to provide responsive health service support? "Corpsman up!"
Each Surg Co contains 60 beds and how many operating rooms? 3
Whose primary mission is to perform those emergency medical and surgical procedures that, if not performed, could lead to death or loss of limb or body function? Medical battalions
What function of the medical plan must provide optimum, uninterrupted care, and treatment to the wounded, injured, and sick? Continuity
The United States is a signatory to the Geneva Conventions of that year and has directed its military forces to abide by its articles? 1949
Who serves as the officer in charge of the medical section of the OSSC during exercises or operations? HSSO
What function of the medical plan must anticipate requirements for rapid movement of HSS units to support comnat forces during operations? Mobility
What function of the medical plan must shift HSS resources to meet changing requirements? Flexibility
The MARFOR deals with matters more on the operational level of war, but the MEF is more focused toward what level? Tactical
What is a fundamental component of command and control that aids the commander in applying combat power at the decisive time and place? Intelligence
What warfare is derived from two principal sources: custom treaties and lawmaking treaties such as the Hague and Geneva Conventions? Law of land
What function of the medical plan must provide HSS as close to combat operations as the tactical situation permits? Proximity
What function of the medical plan must ensure that HSS resources in short supply are efficiently employed and used effectively to support the planned operations? Coordination
What commanders are responsible for coordinating and integrating HSS within their areas of operations? Marine Corps Forces (MARFOR)
What is a process that delivers on demand on the warfighter a healthy, fit, and medically ready force; counters the health threat to the deployed force; and provides critical care and management for combat casualties? HSS
What function of the medical plan must integrate and comply with the commander's plan? Conformity
Who advises the commander on the health of the command and the adequacy of internal FSSG HSS? Group Surgeon
Temporary casualty holding facilities and services are used to hold sick, wounded, and injured personnel for a limited time, usually not to exceed what time frame? 72 hours
HSS focuses on both forms of threath, what are they? Enemy and Health
What is a field production activity of the Defense Intelligence Agency? It is the sole producer of medical intelligence in the Department of Defense (DOD). Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center (AFMIC)
A MAW has how many Marine aircraft groups (MAGs)? Four
What requires continuous attention before, during, and after deployment to sustain maximum readiness and warfighting capability? Wellness
What are specialized equipment and supply assemblages for medical and dental elements to provide combat HSS? AMALs and ADALs
What are transportable, medically and surgically intensive, and deployable in a variety of operational scenerios? Fleet Hospitals
Who provides MTFs for resuscitative surgery, medical treatment, and temporary holding of casualties from supported forces. They also prepare and evacuate casualties whose medical requirements exceed the established theater evacuation policy? Surg Co
During which phase, HSS ashore is limited to the capabilities of medical sections organic to combat units? Assault
The T-AH is designed to receive patients primarily by what means? Helicopter
What system encompasses the provision of medical supplies, medical equipment maintenance and repair, blood management, and optical fabrication to all joint forces within the theater of operations, except Navy combatant ships? SIMLM
Fleet surgical teams (ASTs) are HSS augmentation teams assigned to the fleet CINCs. Combined, the Pacific and Atlantic fleets have how many teams that are considered the fleet CINC's assets in both peacetime and wartime? Nine
In an operational enviornment, the dental battalion's primary mission is to provide dental health maintenance with a focus on what type of care? Emergency
What provide rapid peacetime response teams of pre-identified medical department personnel trained to augment elements of the operating forces? MMARTS
During the movement phase of the amphibious operations, who has overall responsibility for HSS services to embarked personnel? Commander, Amphibious Task Force (CATF)
What encompasses the procurement, intial issue, management, resupply, and disposition of material required to support medical and dental elements organic to the MARFOR? HSS logistics
What HSS personnel aboard ATF ships augment ATF medical and dental departments by providing care to embarked LF personnel using ship's company medical facilities and supplies? Landing force (LF)
What FSSG is a supply operation directly responsible to the FSSG supply battalion commanding officer? Med Log Co, Supply Battalion
What is the smallest, most mobile medical support platoon of the medical battalion? Shock Trauma Platoon
What have the largest medical capability of any amphibious ship in the ATF? CRTSs
A unit's what includes items necessary for basic support of the Organization? Table of Equipment (T/E)
What is the means by which operating forces are brought to wartime manning levels by personnel augmentation from CONUS-based activities? Medical Augmentation Program (MAP)
The total T/E and AMALs/ADALs are designed to support the MEF in an estimated worst case scenario for a period of combat for how long? 60 days
ATF ships suitable for use as CRTSs are what classes? LHD, LHA, and LPH
Hospital corpsmen assigned to combat support units of the MAGTF are assigned a complete kit of what type as part of their field gear? First Aid
What equipment and supplies will not be used aboard ship unless authorized by the MAGTF commander in support of an overwhelming emergency? LF Class VIIIA
What is a floating surgical hospital? T-AH
MAP is managed by whom? BUMED
The primary role of a beach evacuation station is to evacuate assault force casualties to designated what? CRTSs
HSS logistics is normally a Service responsibility. However, in joint operations, what system may be designated to provide central logistical support to all participating Services in the combatantCINC's area of responsibility? Single Integrated Medical Logistics Manager (SIMLM)
Whose mission is to provide integrated automation of the theater medical enviornment? TMIP's
What provides management and decision support tools for the HSS commander and staff to collect, transport, process, disseminate, and protect voice, data, and information? CIS
During peacetime, any operational commander may request preventative medicine MMART assistance from whom? Chief of Naval Operations
OPLANs, concept plans (CONPLANs), functional plans, and operation orders (OPORDs) prepared by commanders to fulfill tasks assigned in the joint strategic capabilities plan, will conform to the guidance contained in what manual? CJCSM 3122.03
Which efforts can dramatically reduce the incidence of disease during military operations? Preventive Medicine
The Navy Enviornmental Health Center, located where, supports operational units? Norfolk, VA
The Naval Medical Research and Development Command conducts basic clinical and applied field research directly related to military requirments and operational needs. It is located where? Bethesda, MD
An effective process of casualty sorting, also referred to as what, is basic to the successful operation of a patient movement system? Triage
The Navy Enviornmental Health Center and its supporting activitied establish and disseminate preventive medicine and enviornmental protection policy recommendations for whom? BUMED
During the Civil War, more Federal Soldiers died from diseases than wounds. Approximately 44,238 were killed in battle; 49,205 died of wounds; and how many died of disease? 186,216
What assests are patient movement assests configured for medical evacuation, externally marked with a red cross, and specifically reserved to support the medical evacuation mission? Dedicated medical evacuation
What manual sets forth administrative instructions and formats to develop OPLANs of combatant commands, subunified commands, joint task forces, and their subordinate component commands? CJCSM 3122.03
What is the process of selecting destination MTFs with the necessary HSS capabilities for patients being medically evacuated in, between, into, and out of different theaters of geographic combatant commands and CONUS? Medical regulating
Medical material and supplies are protected under the law of land warfare and what? Geneva Conventions
What assets are nonmedical patient movement asssets, not externally marked with a red cross, but configured and allocated for patient movement? Designated medical evacuation
What is casualty management system? Patient movement
When the tactical sitation permits during combat operations, the safest method of field disposal is burning, followed by deep burial, which is over how many feet? 6
There are how many major C2 areas? Four
What are the medical equipment and supplies required to support the patient during evacuation, e.g. ventilators, vital sign monitors, and blankets? Patient Movement Items (PMI)
What combines joint policies, procedures, personnel, training, and a reporting structure supported by automated data processing on GCCS? JOPES
What type of surveillance data should be used to brief commanders on potential medical and enviornmental threats and on the effectiveness of preventive medicine measures? Real-time disease
What for HSS is the combination of HSS organizations, people, communications systems, architechture, and medical information which provides the commander timely information to make decisions? Command and control (C2)
The plan for PMI exchange system and the return of AE equipment and PMI to the originating MTF should be addressed in the what respective plan? Operation Plan (OPLAN)
What provides a global capability linking HSS information data bases and integration centers that are accessible to the warfighter while engaged in any mission? TMIP
What is the HSS requirements generator and analysis tool supported by GCCS at the Marine Corps component level for planning and execution of HSS? Medical Analysis Tool (MAT)
What missions are classified as preplanned or immediate? AE missions
In peacetime, the majority of operating forces' units are manned at slightly more than two-thirds of their mobilization strenth, while HSS units are generally manned only with that percentage of the personnel required to carry out their wartime mission? 50%
What are located within the unified command to maintain large quantities of frozen blood products for use during armed conflicts or emergencies requiring medical support? Blood Products Depots (BPDs)
What actions cause high casualty rates, material losses, obstacles to maneuver, and contamination? NBC
BSUs are required to provide a storage supply of blood products based on MTF proposed requirements and blood reports for what time frame? 5 days
What is a hand-carried, abridged electronic medical record which will serve as the primary repository of individual readiness data such as deployability status, casualty prevention training, medical history, and demographic information? Portable Information Carrier (PIC)
Before reporting to the MARFOR, all medical department officers who are clinical providers (i.e. medical corps, dental corps, nurse corps) shall attend a course of instruction in advanced what? Combat life support
Based on theater commanders decisions, the ASBP will have how many Transportable Blood Transshipment Centers (TBTCs) available as blood program elements and one for training deployable personnel? Six
Normally, what injuries are observed within a few hours or days of the attack? Radiation-induced
Nuclear radiation casualties fall into how many categories? Three
Hospital corpsmen at the unit level usually provide the first written information on a casualty through the use of a U.S. Field Medical Card, using what DD form? DD Form 1380
What are essential to casualty identification and recording? Identification tags (Dog tags)
Authorized manning levels fill only about what percentage of medical corps and nurse corps billets within medical battalions? 10 percent
A blood transshipment center (BTC) is the central receiving point for blood shipments from the ASWBPL and for issue to the BSUs. A BTC can store and process up to how many units of liquid blood daily? 7,200
What is a casualty tag printed in a set which provides a tough original copy for attaching to the casualty (whether wounded or deceased). A carbon copy is retained by the hospital corpsman rendering initial treatment? Field Medical Card (FMC)
Which casualty has been exposed to ionizing radiation but is not contaminated. Tjese casualties are not radioactive and pose no radiation threat to medical care providers. Casualtied who have suffered exposure to initial nuclear radiation fit in category. Irradiated
The purpose of what is to establish patient accountability and to provide a means to document assessment of condition and treatment rendered by HSS personnel? FMC
Which patients manifest their injuries immediately upon exposure to the agent? Chemical agent
Injested or inhaled radioactive materials, or radioactive material has entered the body through an open wound. The radioactive material continues to irradiate internally until radioactive decay and biological elimination removes radioactive isotope? Internally contaminated
Formally established as the Military Blood Program in 1952 as part of the National Blood Program, Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP) consists of approximately 116 blood banks and blood donor centers, including how many FDA licensed centers? 43
Which patients can show signs of exposure immediatly or up to 14 days later? Blister agent
BSUs can provde support in a specific geographical are regardless of Service components and can support up to how many MTFs designated by the JBPO? 12
There are three basic modes of evacuating casualties: What are they? Peronnel, ground vehicles, and aircraft
An Armed Services Whole Blood Processing Laboratory (ASWBPL) Maintain a peacetime inventory of how many units of liquid blood for use as a rapid response requirement? 250
Decontamination of most biologically contaminated patients and equipment can be accomplished with what? Soap and water
Which casualty has radioactive dust and debris on clothing, skin, or hair. This presents a "housekeeping" problem to the MTF similar to the lice-infested patient arriving at a peacetime MTF. However, this contamination may be a threat to HSS personnel? Externally contaminated
What receive, store, and distribute blood within the theater of operations? Blood Supply Units (BSUs)
Unit training has proven most effective when conducted in a simulated what? Combat enviornment
Which Mission-Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP) levels result in body heat buildup, reduced mobility, and degraded visul, touch, and hearing senses, ultimately reducing unit effectiveness? 3 and 4
Each Service member is issued a chain and two tags to be worn at all times. Tags contain the member's name, social security number, blood type, service component, religious preference, and what else? Protective mask size
Which patients manifest their injuries immediately upon exposure to the agent? Chemical agent
Before reporting to the MARFOR, all medical department officers who are clinical providers (i.e. medical corps, dental corps, nurse corps) shall attent a course of instruction in advanced what? Combat life support
Handling chemically contaminated patients presents a great challenge to HSS units. The vapor hazard associated with contaminated patients may require HSS personnel to remain at what MOPP level for long periods? 4
The purpose of what is to establish patient accountability and to provide a means to document assessment of condition and treatment rendered by HSS personnel? FMC
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