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Medical Manager Fina

What is the password to the medical manager system? ICAN
When the medical office "accepts assignment" of benefits, payment is sent directly to? Doctor
What is the main menu of the medical manager program? Menu (1)
In what screen can we find school, work, or volunteer activities? Extended information
What is the name of the insurance plan that is billed first? Primary
How can information be saved in the medical manager program? Student data back up on flash drive
What is the first step in the flow of information in a medical program? Patient call for appointment ma schedules
What is the name of the printed list of the most common procedures, treatments, and diagnoses is called what? Encounter form
What is a voucher number? Tracking #
What are the 2 most common methods of navigating thru the medical manager program? Keyboard & mouse
What is the name of the person financially responsible for the account? guarantor
Patients that are attached to the guarantor's account are called? dependents
What is the preferred method for exiting the medical manager program is? Esc
What is a predetermined response in the medical manager program called? default response
What is another name for procedure codes? CPT-4
What is another name for diagnosis codes? ICD-9
What does the acronym PCP stand for in the medical program? Primary Care Physician
The letter (M) shown in the set of instructions shown at the bottom of the screen means? modify
The letter (J) on the appointment schedule means? Jump
What is the name of the universal claim form used by all insurance companies? CMS - 1500
What are visits to hospitalized patients called? Rounds
What is the ailment detail screen used for? In depth info on patient illness or injury
What menu is used to make changes or edit a specific area of patient accounts? file maintenance menu (2)
Once the _______________ close is ran no further changes can be made. daily
What is Sharon Carlson's secondary insurance plan number? none
What is the diagnosis code for the Alice Spivey on 4/16/08? V20.2
How many CPT codes will be billed for Wayne Dudley's 4/16/08 visit? 4
Because Laura Simmons did not have a scheduled appointment on 4/16/08 the term ________ was entered as the voucher number. Worked IN
What type of insurance does Mindy Davis have? none
Which screen will display the date when Timothy Davis can return to work? ailment detailed screen
What is William Spivey's relationship to Terry Williams? Ex-husband
How many times can a trail daily report be run? unlimited
Who is the insured party for Portia Edward's secondary insurance plan? Portia Property management
What does the appointment reason code 10 represent? Annual checkup
How can dependent information be modified? (7) file maintenance
What is Dr. Frances Simpson NPI number? 1234569npi
Where can procedure activities be deleted (thru what screen)? Edit activity records => Account Activity
Who is the guarantor for Thomas Williams? Terry Williams
When selecting the Edit Patient Records option the _____________ information screen will always be displayed. guarantor
How many codes in total billed for Deborah Evan on 4/29/08? 2
What screen can voiding an item be performed on? Payment entry
The frequency with which an office performs insurance billing is called the ____________. Insurance billing cycle
What is the earliest appointment in the day for the patients on the medical manager software? 8:30 am
What is the sum of all postings processed in a group? batch total
What is appointment reason code 8? Emergency Treatment Class C
What number is the appointment recall screen? 12
Does Elizabeth Davis have insurance? No
What is Claire League's account number? 30.0
Which patient will be admitted to the hospital because of cancer? Patricia Evans
What is Portia Edward's husbands full name? Edward E Edwards
What is Mr. Carlson's wife's name? Sharon A Carlson
What is Mr. Carlson's primary insurance? Medicare
What is Alice Spivey's account number? 120.2
What is Mindy Davis's account number? 80.2
What is a field? The location for specific pieces of info typed in the computer by the user
what key clears a field? F1O
What number identifies the guarantor? 0
What do we call the document tracking number on a patients encounter form? Voucher #
What fields describes the number of services or procedures rendered for the specific code entered? Unit
What screen and icon do we select to set insurance coverage on a patient? Insurance Cover priority
What does insurance billing cycle mean? Frequency when office does billing
What is an unapplied credit? Money received but not posted
What unit covered practice management? 6
This menu allows the user to input procedure codes diagnostic codes, and health insurance plans is? main menu
A new guarantor account is opened using the ________ ________ ________ screen. new patient entry
What is Patricia Evans account number? 110.0
Does Patricia Evans have any dependents? none
What key saves and processes your work? F1
How do you find the carrier code for insurances? ? or home key
What is the user note field for in the insurance screen? additional notes
List at least 2 examples of a default in the medical manager system: date, service, zip & town
What is another name for the PCP? Gatekeeper
What is Timothy Davis's relationship to the Insured Party Record? (o)ther
What is the term that refers to entering charges, payments, and adjustments? posting
What is Janet William's primary insurance? HMO
Janet Williams is dependent number __________ for account 120. 4
What is the last time slot for the appointment schedule? 4:45pm
This screen tell the system the order in which the insurance plans are to be billed. Insurance Coverage Priority
What is Claire League's primary insurance? Medicare
What is Alice Spivey's secondary policy? 5.2 Epsilon Life & Casualty
What type of insurance does Wayne Dudley have? (group) Cross & shield Insurance plan
For Andrea Edwards 4-16-2008 visit what is the date listed for her first symptom. 3-28-2008
What report provides a summary of the practices activities? daily report
When you are selecting the "edit patient records" option, the ___________ information screen will always appear first. guarantor info
What is CPT code for Janet Williams 4-21-2008 visit? 99212
What is the sum of all postings processed in a group? batch total
Who is the guarantor for Alice Spivey? Terry Williams
What is the name of the icon on the desktop we use to back up work? (med man) student backup
What is Elisabeth Davis's account number? 80.1
Who is the guarantor for the Carlson family? Steven Carlson
What does the acronym IPR stand for? Insured Party Record
If an appointment needs 2 times slots how long is the appointment for? 30 minutes
What is double booking? schedule 2 patients at the same time slot
What is the status code for transferred to patient responsibility (never billed to insurance)? PT
What is the status code for pending insurance billing? IU
Who is happy there won't be anymore reviews to key in? YOUR WIFE!! Love you hunny <3
Created by: bpstears