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Holter Monitor

what is a 24hr ambulatory EKG called? Holter Monitor
what is Holter monitor used for? Cardiac arrhythmia's and conduction of abnormalites
syncope fainting
vertigo dizziness
what is the equipment used electrodes(large round snaps), Alcohol wipes, razor, non-allergenic tape, lead wires, monitor, blank magnetic tape, new battery, carrying case, belt or shoulder strap, Pt. diary
How many leads are there? 5
V1 goes where? right manubrium side of sternum
V2 goes where? Left manubrium side of sternum
V3 goes where? Left sternal border at 5th ribs
V4 goes where? 5th rib at anterior axillary line
V5 goes where? right lower rib cage
which lead is the ground V5
what are the pt. guidelines? 1)keep dry.. 2)no handling of electrodes, wires, monitor.. 3) no electric blanket.. 4) keep diary
what is the pt. diary? the pt. keeps record of all activities in the next 24 hrs.
who tells the pt. about the diary and how important it is? the MA
the diary should include what time for each entry, ACTIVITY(running, sex, sleeping, BM, taking meds, driving, ect) and SYMPTOMS(vertigo, syncope, dyspnea, chest pain, arm or facial pain, ect)
an event marker or monitor is ______ with each symptom and diary entry depressed
Created by: bpstears