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Chapter 11

25 question quiz

How did Vladimir influence the religion of the Slavic people Forced them to convert to Christianity
What caused Kiev's decline The decline of trade
Name 3 effects of the Mongol rule on Russia Rise of Moscow, Added land to Moscow, Isolated Russia from Western Europe
Who was Justinian Byzantine emperor in 527
How did Justinian make Constantinople a strong and beautiful capitol He constructed a huge palace, public baths, courts, schools, hospitals, and many churches.
What were the two biggest problems the Byzantine Empire faced Bubonic Plague, and being forced to confront enemies
What were two differences between Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Western Roman Catholicism The use of icons, and the celebration of christmas
Who took the throne of the Byzantine empire in 527 Justinian
The most notable of Justinians buildings were? Hagia Sophia
Catholic images used in devotions Icons
When the pope casts an outlaw on a member of the church, what is it called Excommunication
What was the Bubonic Plague A deadly disease spread from fleas on rats
Which people attacked and destroyed Kiev Mongols
Which prince of Moscow led the Russians to freedom form the Mongols Yaroslav the Wise
Which peoples traditions were combined with those of the Greek Byzantines to provide the foundation for Russian culture Slavs
Which Russian prince and military hero advised his fellow princes to cooperate with the Mongols Alexander Nevsky
Under which Kievan Ruler did all of the citizens of Kiev convert to Christianity Vladimir
Which group of invaders probably founded Novgorod and later settled in Kiev Vikings
Which term is the title of the Russian emperor and is the Russian version of the term Caesar czar
Who was the first member of the Kievan nobility to convert to christianity Olga
Who created a legal code for Kiev that emphasized and protected property and Commerce Ivan III
Which people came from the forest region north of the Black Sea Mongols
The capital of the new Rome was Constantinople
What was Justinians greatest achievement reforming Roman law
What was another name for the Byzantine empire Eastern Roman Empire
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