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Final Exam Review

Ch 51/52/54/55

The most effective means of preventing infection is the use of latex gloves. False
Urine is the most commonly analyzed body fluid in the clinical laboratory. True
The Clinitest is performed as a screening for glycosuria. True
Normally the medical assistant will document the presence of foam on a urine specimen. False
Ovulation testing measures the level of HCG in the blood stream. False
A portion of a well-mixed sample removed for testing is a (n):? Aliqout
Involves the study of bacteria,fungi,yeasts,parasites,and viruses. Microbiology
Laboratory tests performed in a physician's office are most likely to be categorized as: Waivedand moderate-complexity
Which of the following is not a waived test? Gram staining
A blood Culture and sensitivity (C&S) test is most likely performed in which division of the clinical laboratory? Microbiology
Which of the following is least likely to prevent the spread of infection in a laboratory? Using sterile cups in urine collection
A medical assistant instructs a patient to collect a first morning specimen for which of the following tests? Pregnancy testing , Culturefor bacteriuria Quantitative protein determination
If a urine specimen cannot be analyzed within 30 minutes, the best course of action is to: Refrigerate the specimen
When instructing a female patient for a clean-catch midstream urine specimen, how Many antiseptic towelettes should you instruct her to use? Three
One of the first detectable signs of liver disease is? Bilirubinuria
Which of the following is always present in a small quantity in normal urine? Urobilinogen
In the microscopic observation of urine sediment, years most resemble: Red blood cells
A urine pregnancy test result in positive: From implantation of fertilized egg through delivery.
Platelets: None of the above
The ESR test results Vary greatly between genders and as people age
A person with type O blood has: Anti-A and anti-B antibodies in circulation
Hormones detected in a thyroid panel include: All of the above
Both bacteria and fungi can be: Unicellular
An infection acquired in the hospital is called nosocomial
Collection of a throat culture requires a: Culturette transport system
Colletion of a urine culture requires a: sterile CCMS container
Collection of a blood culture requires a: Yellow-topped Vacutainer tube
Diagnosis of a helminth infection requires a: stool sample for O&P examinaton
An anaerobic organism is most likely isolated from a(n): abscess
An organism that is unlikely to be transmitted by sexual contactis: Clostridium botulinum
A urinary tract infection can be diagnosed if an organism isolated from a CCMS specimen in found in pure culture and is present in a quanitity greater than____per milliliter of urine. 100,000
The sugar most commonly found in urine is Glucose
The pigment_________is the responsible for the color of urine urochrome
_____________is the study of poisonous substances and their effects on the body Toxicology
_____________cells are the most numerous type of agranular leukocytes and function to stimulate the activity of other T Lymphocytes helper T
The amount or strenght of anitbod present at a given time in a person's serum is called the? Titer
_________cholesterol is Known as "good" cholestrol because a high level of it seems to protect the body against heart attack HDL
Organisms that require special growth factores to reproduce on artifcial media aresaid to Fastidious
a blood-sucking insect such as a mosquito is known as a(n) Arthropod
The metric unit of measurement used to report the size of bacteria and viruses is the Nanometer
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