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Management of Infectious Waste

Whose approval is required before the purchase or lease of an infectious waster treatment system? Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
What type of blood and other potentially infectious liquid waste which cannot be safely decanted or which has not been solidified shall be placed into rigid containers that are double-lined with plastic bags for transport and incineration? Bulk
What is liquid or solid waste containing pathogens in sufficient numbers and or sufficient virultence to cause infectious disease in susceptible hosts exposed in water? Infectious waste
All employees with occupational exposure to infectious waste shall receive training at the time of initial assignment to tasks and how often thereafter? Annually
Any new treatment techniques submitted for approval shall be acceptable to local regulationg authorities, shall have scientific evidence of efficacy, and shall have successful use elsewhere for a minimum of how many years? 2
You should not transport infectious waste in what two methods? Chutes or dumbwaiters
Waste from patient diagnosis, treatment, or immunization may be subdivided into two categories, what are they? Infectious and noninfectious
Would used personal hygiene products such as diapers, facial tissues, and sanitary napkins be considered infectious or noninfectious waste? Noninfectious
For removing blood and body fluid spills use an absorbent material and disinfect the area with an Enviormental Protectionn Agency Approved disinfectant or a solution of household bleach diluted to what ration with clear water? 1:10
Separate infectious waste from noninfectious waste at what point? Point of origin
What considerations may dictate using alternate means of disposal of Anatomical pathology waste such as cremation or burial by a licensed mortician? Ethical
Which wastes, including human tissues and organs, amputated limbs or other body parts, fetuses, placentas, and similar tissues from surgery, delivery, or autopsy procedures are classified as infectious waste? Pathological
Would Sharps, including hypodermic needles, syringes, scalpel blades, suture needles, pasteur pipettes, specimen slides, cover slipes, glass petri plates, and broken glass be considered noninfectious or infectious waste? Infectious
Due to biological instability of most micro-organisms commonly regarded as human pathogens, the potential for adverse enviornmental or public health consequences is what? Negligible
Infectious waste treatment is achieved through destruction, such as incineration, or through inactivation by heat, checmicals, or radiation without disintegrating the what? Cells
For effective steam sterilization for microbiological infectious waste, the temperature must be maintained at 250 degrees F for at least how many minutes, at 15lbs per square inch of gauge pressure? 90
Blood, suctioned fluids, or other potentially infectious liquid waste may be decanted into what type of sinks, unless this practive is prohibited by State or local regulations? Clinical
Logistic constraints may require doing what to anatomical pathology waste before final disposal? Freezing
If infectious waste cannot be treated on-site, limit storage without refrigeration to how many days, except in states with stricter requirements? 7
Which containers shall be lined with plastic bags of sufficient thickness, durability, puncture resistance, and burst strength to prevent rupture or leaks? Infectious waste
Exposure to infectious waste that could result in disease is more likely to occur in what setting that generate, transport, store, treat, or dispose of potentially infectious materials? Occupational
Infectious waste shall be sterilized and rendered noninfectious before doing what? Compacting or grinding
What type of evidence shows that infectious waste is no greater threat to the enviornment or public health than residential solid waste, medical facilities are perceived to be a source of pollution? Scientific
Infectious waste shall be placed in containers labeled wit hthe universal biohazard symbol and the word "BIOHAZARD" or be in what color? Red
Empty containers that used to contain blood and other potentially infectious liquid wastes shall be treated as noninfectious waste. True or false? False
Commercially available absorbent materials which form a semirigid gel when added to liquids is called what? Gelatinization
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