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Advancement Manual

What is the TIR for advancement from E-3 to E-4? 6 months
What is the TIR required for advancement from E-6 to E-7? 36 months
If a candidate is taking his/her perspective advancement exam and notices that a page is missing out of the books for a total of 9 questions, there are no other candidates taking the same exam, and nobody to share with, will the test still be valid? Yes, anything under to missing questions it still valid.
When is a unit considered "commissioned" or "established"? If it is listed in the Standard Navy Distribution List (SNDL)
Which USN Regulation states Persons in the Navy, shall not have, obtain, sell, publish, give purchase, receive or reproduce any exam paper, or any copy of, or any sheet thereto? 1145
What identifies personnel by occupation? General Ratings
Which instruction allows COMNAVRUITCOM Enlisted Recruiter of the Year (EROY) to be advanced to the next pay-grade? OPNAVINST 1700.11
Who is responsible for proper handling, accountability, and stowage of Navy-wide examinations? Individual command
How are personnel advanced to the pay-grades of E2-E3? Personnel meeting minimum time-in-rate (TIR) requirements will be advanced automatically from E2 and E-3 without local action
Which instructions provided information on selection of senior enlisted personnel for promotion to commissioned officer status such as LDO or CWO? OPNAVINST 1420.1 and NAVPERS 15627
Who has the authority to advance personnel to pay-grades of E2-E6? Commanding officer after all advancement requirements are met.
How many PNA points are credited to an exam candidate who scored in the top 25th percentile but did not advance? 1.5
what is the TIR requirement for advancement from E-1 to E-2? 9 months
An operational commander may authorize a delay of no more than how many days in the examinations for sea-going or aviation units operating in company or based outside continental US (OCONUS), provided candidates cannot communicate with other personnel? 10 days
How many PNA points are credited to an exam candidate who scored between the 76th and 50th percentile? 1
Broad groupings of similar occupations used by manpower, personnel, and training managers to organize the analysis, management, and administration of Navy ratings define what? Occupational fields
What are the multiple levels for EP, MP, P, and SP? 4.0, 3.8, 3.6, and 2.0
What are the broad enlisted career fields? Ratings
Which instruction does the Command Advancement Program (CAP) fall under? BUPERSINST 1430.16F
COs/OICs may waive up to how many years of required TIR for Sailors in paygrades E-5 and E-6 who received a promotion recommendation of Early Promote on their most recent observed periodic evaluation in that paygrade? One year
How many award points is the Purple Heart worth on the Navy wide advancement exam? 3
What is the TIR required for advancement from E-2 to E-3? 9 months
The advancement exam for PO1 is administered on the first ___ of March and on the first ___ of September. Thursday/Thursday
Which MILPERSMAN article does the Selective Training and Reenlistment (STAR) Program fall under? MILPERSMAN 1160-070
What is form NAVPERS 1070/604 more commonly known as? Service Record page 4
How many years must an E-6 have in to apply to the LDO program? 8 years
How many PNA points are credited to an exam candidate who scored between the 49th and 25th percentile? .5
What is the TIR required for advancement from E-5 to E-6? 36 months
When administering the advancement exam you must have a ratio of how many proctors to candidates? 1 to 25
Approximately how many days prior to the advancement examination should the ESO review the worksheet for each candidate? 10 days
Which MILPERSMAN article does the Accelerated Advancement Program fall under? MILPERSMAN 1430-010
Which MILPERSMAN artice does the Selective Conversion and Reenlistment (SCORE) Program fall under? MILPERSMAN 1160-090
What form is used for Enlisted Qualification History? NAVPERS 1070/604
How are your total PNA points calculated for your profile sheet? 2 X PNA points from last five exam cycles
What form is used for Administrative Remarks? NAVPERS 1070/613
What is the TIR required for advancement from E-7 to E-8? 36 months
What is the preferred method of ordering advancement examinations? The internet
How many award points is the Medal of honor worth on the Navy wide advancement exam? 10
what recommendation is the most important advancement eligibility requirement? CO/OIC
What is the TIR required for advancement from E-4 to E-5? 12 months
What form is used for Certificate of Appointment, Petty Officer Second and First Class (USN)? NAVPERS 1430/8
What is form NAVPERS 1070/613 more commonly known as? Service Record page 13
How many award points is the Navy Cross worth on the Navy wide advancement exam? 5
What is the TIR required for advancement from E-8 to E-9? 36 months
After successful administration of the advancement examination how long does the command have to forward exams for grading? Close of business the day after administration of each examination
What is the sole authority for advancement of personnel to pay-grades E7-E9? CHNAVPERS
Who is responsible for developing, publishing, and distributing Navy wide advancement-in-rate examinations for the purpose of testing and rank-ordering personnel who are qualified for advancement? NETPDTC
When storing advancement exams the border color on the exams reflects the classification of the exam. Which of the following correctly labels the colors with their respective classifications? SECRET - RED, CONFIDENTIAL - BLUE, and FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY (FOUO) - BLACK
What is the short title for Navy Performance Evaulation and Counseling System (EVAL/FITREP)? BUPERSINST 1610.10
A newly frocked E-6 goes to NJP and is awarded a "suspeneded reduction in rate", when the sailor starts getting paid and is officially advanced will the sailor be able to wear E-6? Yes. A "suspended reduction in rate" status is automatically terminated when a member is subsequently advanced in rate.
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