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12 - Digestive

Winger List 12 - Digestive system terms

12-Digestive System12-Digestive definitions
cec blind passage
chol bile, gall bladder
cilia eyelash, hairlike projection
dent teeth, tooth
emesis vomiting
enter intestines
gingiv gum
glosso tongue
hepat liver
ile ileum
lapar abdominal wall
odont tooth
oment covering of internal abdominal organs
peps digest
phage to eat, swallowing
proct anus
ptyal saliva, spittle
pyle gate
rrhea flow
stoma mouth, opening
ac before meals
BM bowel movement
cl liq clear liquids
DAT diet as tolerated
FF force fluids
GI gastrointestinal
NG nasogastric tube
NPO nothing by mouth
N/V , N&V nausea and vomiting
pc after meals
Created by: dWinger